Letters to the editor 09-16-2011

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Munroe is ‘our hospital’
It’s about time we started thinking about MRMC as the asset to Marion County that it is and always will be. If we don’t, we’ll have another for-profit-hospital in our midst and that would be a disaster. One has to be careful with for-profit hospitals.
My wife was to have surgery at our for-profit hospital and asked for certain services normally found at MRMC and she was turned down and we had to go elsewhere.
MRMC is sound and should be taken seriously. It has a good management team led by Steve Purvis and his staff, so why not support them and let them do their job? Why? Because we have non-hospital people on the both boards. Yes, there are doctors, but I learned many years ago, when I got into the health field, that doctors are about as bad as lawyers on hospital boards.
Apparently all one needs to be a hospital board member is to have money. That’s a historical fact. Having been executive director of two foundations, as well as my many years in the health industry, it was an accepted policy to have people on the boards who had money, regardless of I.Q. Remember average is not too bright. We have a few county commissioners and hospital board members who fall in the below average category.
Each one wants to run the hospital board as they would their own company. How many inherited their money? As to boards, I learned in college that a little knowledge is dangerous.
I could rest my case there as it relates to hospital board members right there. Their first allegiance is to their own company or clients.
If it becomes necessary to add a 1/2 cent sales tax, then so be it. The amount would be hardly noticeable.
Far better than bringing in another for-profit hospital company and have rates go through the roof. In this way every resident is doing his or her part for MRMC.
I’ll wager if attorneys and non-intellectual individuals on the boards who want to go another for profit route were gone, we’d have less troubles.
 I would venture a guess and probably an accurate one, if Mr. Purvis were to try to tell a board member how to run their business they would wet their pants. You know, he could probably do a good job too. As been reported by the JCAH, Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Hospitals, we have one of the top hospitals, (MRMC), in the country. So, why tamper with it. It’s always better to go with the known than the unknown. Like, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. One must remember hospitals are different entities than a for- profit business. I know as I was an assistant administrator of one and belonged to the Florida Hospital Association for seven years.
As a final point, many years ago I used to audit Monroe Memorial Hospital for Medicare, Blue Cross and other federal programs and they always received high accolades from me.
The administrator then was Ben Wilson, who also served on the Blue Cross Board. We out here in the 200 Corridor need to be heard and to be dealt with regarding MRMC “our Hospital.” There are those who thought Jim Payton a poor administrator with whom I strongly disagree, but the new County Commission chairman seems so bull headed that he’s going to get rid of MRMC. Let’s not re-elect him? What a great idea.
Bill Ford, Oak Run
Former, Medicare/Blue Cross Auditor, VP Wisconsin Medical Service for Medicare “B”, Health Care Lobbyist, Executive Director Florida Nursing Home Assoc, Congressional Staff Member, VP St. Louis Blue Shield for internal Audit and Foundations Executive Director.

Who can create jobs?
Responding to the challenge on Sept. 2, if the Republicans agree with Obama’s “Jobs plan,” it would be like asking my grandchildren how they would create jobs then blindly putting their plans into action.
When will liberals accept the fact that Obama has no idea how to create jobs? Herman Cain said it best when he stated that Obama didn’t have the management experience to be appointed an assistant manager in one of his pizza parlors. If liberals would open their minds and ears to the Republican candidates, they would get some idea of how to create jobs in the private sector.
We need to go after our natural resources, do away with some EPA mandates and job reducing regulations, and reduce corporate taxes on businesses to allow them to expand.
This will be with American jobs, making for more affordable energy/fuel prices and that would just be the beginning. Let’s make it attractive and profitable for many businesses to expand right here in America. Everyone benefits when the company can make money, the stockholders and all employees. This is not a battle we need or should fight, our citizens want to work and businesses want to grow, and this is not a conflict of interest.
Government just needs to get out of the way and rely on our old fashioned American ingenuity.
Everyone wants clean air and water, but the EPA has gone overboard with new regulations that destroy any prospects for needed business growth.
Liberals seem to forget and never mention that Obama stated with his energy plan, the cost of energy will “skyrocket.” I for one do not enjoy paying so much for gasoline, and if Obama is re-elected, you haven’t seen anything yet.
We are facing economic problems second only to the great depression, and if we don’t end the “class warfare” rhetoric and start insisting on individual responsibility, we will not survive as a great nation. The writer even blames the Republicans for our automobile industry’s bankruptcy problems, but the blame should fall primarily on the unions and their excessive demands. The corporations are NOT the enemy, how many times does that have to be repeated? Who do liberals think provide jobs?
In this next election, we will decide which America we want, one that continually moves into a bigger socialistic government making more and more decisions about our lives, or fight to get back to our Constitutional form of government that strongly limits the power of our federal government. Return the power back to the states and watch us get America rolling again.
Wayne Rackley

9/11 then and now
The date of 9/11 will be remembered as one of the most powerful days in American history along with the attack on Pearl Harbor, the sinking of American merchant ships in the Atlantic by Germany pre World War II, and the days following the destruction of the Berlin Wall by the free west.
Pre 9/11 America was the strongest and richest country in the world along with all of Europe coming in a distant second and with China being an up and coming country with a vast resource of manpower. We had just elected a new president who along with his team had convinced us that all is well with America so continue to use your credit cards and we will be safe forever because of who we are.
We followed his advice because at that time things were good for all of us. We all had jobs, money in the bank, investments were increasing, our country was paying down its deficit to the point where in the next 10 to 15 years America would no longer be in debt.
After 9/11 we all went a little bit crazy and followed a leader who looked great standing on a pile of rubble with his arm around a first responder, a photo opportunity never to be forgotten. After this day our government went a little crazy and had to invade a country where the terrorists who attacked us were known to have their training grounds.
This war would not be a financial burden on America so we didn’t bother to include the cost in our national budget and by the way because we didn’t need the money, we continued to give the tax cuts to the rich.
We were so successful in this war that our gullible president was convinced to invade Iraq because they had a leader that was on the verge of invading America.
This was another war that did not have to be part of our country’s national budget and because we were so strong we must continue giving tax cuts to the rich.
We have given the Bush administration a free pass on these two unnecessary wars and the doubling of our national debt during his eight years in office.
The right is now saying that the wars with Iraq and Afghanistan belong to President Obama and the increases in our national debt also are his responsibility because we continued on with these two wars.
The right knows this for a fact, how about you?
Jerry Segovis

The destruction of the World Trade Center pinpointed a serious problem with the lack of communication between the police and fire departments. Lives were lost because when the police radio said, “Don’t go in the building, it’s going to collapse,” firemen couldn’t get the message, their radios were on a different frequency which resulted in their death.
President Obama earmarked money to make the frequency the same. He is ready to do it. The Republican Congress insists the frequency has to be operated by a profit making company. None of them want to do it because they can’t make money from it.
It is now 10 years later. The Republican Congress refuses to vote for this life-saving bill.
Is your congressman a Republican?
Alan Gold