Letters to the editor 08-05-2011

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Some more thoughts regarding tax reform
“Upper and middle class taxpayers can no longer bear the entire tax burden.”
So what is left? The poor! Twenty-five years ago, only 19 percent of Americans paid no income taxes and now it is up to 47 percent. Do we ask ourselves why? Is it really because we are giving preference to the poor or is it that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer? A so-called fair tax or flat tax on the poor?
Would that make them richer or poorer? Would this make the rich richer?
Unfortunately there are, true, no fault of their own, people in our country who are poor and to ask them to pay up more money so the rich could get richer is ridiculous. We need to help the poor, and not to make it more difficult for them. May God bless us all, especially the poor.
J. Paul Bronsard

The big, bad Tea Parties
It is interesting that the writer of “Against The Tea Party” believes we are the worst thing to happen to American politics. I will agree that we are probably the worst thing to happen to liberal, free spending, big government politics we have had in years. Let’s look at why we are so bad!
We have the nerve to believe that spending must come under control for we cannot continue raising our debt that is already increasing at $48 billion a day. We don’t believe in passing down this huge deficit to our children since we believe in fiscal responsibility.
We also believe in our Constitution, state rights, our national and state sovereignty, individual responsibility, limited government, our capitalistic system, our republic form of government, our right to bear arms, that we are a Christian nation, and free speech.
We also believe that America is the greatest nation in the world and want to keep it that way.
We are respectful and patriotic and it shows in every rally we have held throughout the country.
I can’t help but question how much of the above gives him or any American so many problems?
Liberals don’t like our being conservative, but that is what we are, not belonging to any political party.
We support conservative candidates and have been very disappointed in both parties. We also understand Economics 101, you can’t spend your way into prosperity.
One question I have is just how big our deficit must become before the liberals say “no more?” Maybe 20 trillion? Possibly 30 trillion?
We are reaching the point of being a debtor nation, having our money taking a dramatic plunge in value, is this too difficult to understand?
The simple truth is that without correction, we will go bankrupt and there truly will be “no money.” Cut the spending now, a whole lot more than either party is suggesting!
Wayne Rackley

Stop blaming the Tea Party
In last week’s letters to the editor, a contributor chose to point to the Tea Party as the cause of the current debt ceiling crisis. He further blamed the Tea Party for everything else that’s wrong in America when he said, “the Tea Party is the worst thing to happen to American politics in years,” offering the debt ceiling debates in Washington as proof. Of course, the man has a right to express his own opinion, guaranteed to him by the Constitution, but this is the kind of irrational thinking that, sadly, has become commonplace among the uninformed and misinformed people who have been drinking the Marxist-flavored Kool Aid served up to them by the radical Progressive Party in our country.
Let it be clearly said that the Tea Party did not happen to American politics; it happened because of American politics, and our own political complacency over the years.
The United States will not go into default if there is no rise in the debt ceiling, and the federal government’s obligations will be met, contrary to White House announcements of imminent economic doom, designed to strike fear into the hearts of American citizens.
The debt ceiling has been raised 10 times in the past 10 years. With a public debt of 14.4 trillion dollars, a deep recession, and 14 million unemployed workers, it is long past time for the government to stop telling hard-working middle-class Americans that there will be no tax increases for them but that raising taxes on the most affluent among us will be enough to alleviate the financial crisis in our country. This serves only to turn one citizen against another in a climate of insecurity, uncertainty, and a sense of disconnection among the people with what was once the bright promise of America.
Last week’s contributor should also know that the Obama Administration has made no formal proposals at all in regard to the debt crisis, but has chosen merely to criticize the two plans that have passed in the House, only to be tabled in the Senate. The Ryan Bill was also rejected by the Progressives in the Senate.
The Tea Party does not wish for the Obama Administration to fail; it has already failed by its own ideology and policies. And last week’s letter writer should also know that name-calling and using obscene terms such as “tea baggers” is worse than counter-productive — far better for him to discuss specific issues with some degree of intelligence.
Joseph Paterek

Gated communities safe, Yea or Nay?

There was an interesting article in the Citizen on July 29 regarding damage done to the indoor pool men’s room at Oak Run. The writer would have you think it was a resident who was the perpetrator. I think not. It is assumed and my wife and I were assured, that Oak Run was a secure environment when we purchased our home 10 years ago. Nothing could be further from the truth.
I’ve read magazine and newspaper articles as well as watch TV documentaries regarding the fallacies of amenity/homeowner fees which cover security. Amenity fees are a fat cow for builders and Homeowners Association fees benefit the community.
Now there are communities like Isleworth in the Orlando area which has walls all around the community. But, Oak Run does not. In fact there have been two home break-ins in the last year. Less than 100 yards across the road from the Orchid Club, is a poor excuse for a fence. The Crescent Oaks West neighborhood which backs on parts of other communities has only a flimsy, sagging barbed wire fence for over 1/2 mile around the Oak Run boundary. In fact the fence is less than 12 feet from some of the homes in that neighborhood. All a crook would have to do is easily climb through the fence and they are at a house. The fence across from the Orchid Club was climbed, and crawled through many times when someone sent an errant golf shot over the fence. This fence gives easy access to shops in the Walmart area.
Just because you have unarmed retired old folks sitting in a gate house does not give a community security. I have asked on more than one occasion who do we call in case of a break-in and am told to “call the Marion County Sheriff’s department not the Oak Run Security people.” Strangely enough we pay big bucks as I’m sure other communities do in the name of security. Apparently the writer is speaking the developer rhetoric and not facts.
Being a retired auditor, I always had to have backup and I do regarding the fences in our community. The sad part is when questioning management regarding security, we’re told “guards” at the gate are the security.
Also, a person can know someone who lives here and tell the “gatekeeper” the resident’s name and be admitted. I know, as it’s happened to me, but of course they were people I knew but undesirables can get in as well.
Finally, assumption, innuendo and outright lack of information are poor excuses for facts. Maybe the writer, since she is a board member, can influence management to put up a secure fence around Oak Run and then no vandalism.
Bill Ford
Oak Run