Letters to the editor 07-29-2011

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Found ring

To the gentleman who found my husband’s wedding ring in Wendy’s across the road on the Southwest 200 Corridor on July 17, I can’t thank you enough. It’s hard to believe there are people like you who are honest. God bless you and yours.

Naomi Brauer



Drain on Medicare

Medicare does not make any rules. Congress makes the rules.

Congress decides how much money Medicare is given to operate.

Congress does not allow Medicare to question a bill except as it relates to the area normal charge.

Medicare is restricted to finding out if a service was provided.

Medicare has sued and collected many billions of dollars from healthcare companies, especially Florida’s now Governor Rick Scott who took the Fifth Amendment 75 times and whose healthcare company paid 1.7 billion dollars for fraud.

Rick Scott received a golden parachute of 300 million dollars on leaving Columbia/HCA.

Private healthcare companies are responsible for the drain on Medicare, not patients.

Alan Gold



Rick Scott needed

Thank God for Rick Scott.

So much bellyaching from the left it is enough to make one vomit.

Rick Scott was elected by the majority. Why you ask? Could it be the left was doing a lousy job and it was time for a change?

The left thought it was time for a change when they elected Barack Obama so it was a great idea to bring on the change. Well how is that working for us (not so good I would say).

Unions representing all law enforcement members do not want to see 19 county's privatize prisons. Could it be they may lose revenue for the Democratic Party? The answer is to take Rick Scott to court.

The left does not want to see a constitutional amendment on next year's ballot that would make funding to religious institutions available, Hmm why would that be? Apparently they are happy with the less than adequate status of our public schools that have provided a constant 46th to 49th placement . The more money Florida citizens dump into the corrupted school system the lower our children function, however the private schools consistently rate higher, oh, but wait, the private schools also teach history, not revisionist history, what a novel idea. Private schools also teach morals, and integraity, also novel to public schools.

Answer another lawsuit for Rick Scott.

A challenge of a new state election law that changed early-voting procedures, that will curb the process of collecting signatures for amendments and create a hardship for those out there trying to collect signatures from the illegal and the dead. May I remind everyone that only a short time ago there was only one day to vote, that is until the left decided it was not fair, not enough time to get those so needed signatures to create their voting fraud.

Voila: another lawsuit against Rick Scott.

Next Rick Scott dares to want drug-testing of state workers. Wow what a terrible person he is. Does the left feel like their base cannot pass such a test? Oh well just take Rick Scott to court!

Last but not least redistricting. The left is not happy with the present districts in Florida, so I will remind all of you that the last time Florida went through redistricting, it was the left that did it, but of course there will be many more lawsuits to come because Rick Scott and the new Florida legislators will be blamed for all of this. You just can not make some people happy no matter what is done.

Rick Scott and the legislators are my heroes for trying to clean up the mess that was left to them by the Rino's and Democrats.

Keep up the good work!

Linda Miller



Thoughts regarding tax reform

Tell me it isn’t so!  53% of Americans are paying 100% of our income taxes and 47% are paying no income tax at all?  Yep, that’s the truth!  25 years ago, only 19% of Americans paid no income taxes, but that figure has grown to the current 47%.  If this trend continues, America will reach the tipping-point - over 51% of non-taxpayers - in 2015.

Upper and middle class tax payers can no longer bear the entire tax burden; they desperately need some relief.  It’s unacceptable that potentially 49% of Americans will support the other 51%.

How can this inequity be fixed?  One possible solution is to rein in handouts to people who are not entitled to them, and too restrict other unnecessary spending.  Another solution is to implement immediate tax reform.  The current system is so full of loopholes, inconsistencies and bandages on top of bandages that the tax code is almost impossible to interpret and administer.  It simply isn’t an equitable system. 

Two alternative tax methods are being considered: some people prefer a Fair Tax (national sales tax).  Others prefer a Flat Tax (single rate tax).  In either case, one or the other, or perhaps a combination of the two, must replace the existing monster.

Two benefits of this new tax method are: a logical redistribution of income would occur; some of the responsibility for the payment of taxes would be shifted to the 51% of people who are not paying taxes.  Loopholes in the current system that allow corporations to park billions of dollars offshore to avoid paying taxes on their money would be eliminated.  There are many other benefits to a new tax system which are too numerous to discuss in this letter.  It is up to the individual to become familiar with each method, and then decide which he or she prefers.

Some members of Congress actively support a new tax structure.  But, we need to aggressively seek out even more supporters of tax reform and keep after them to get it done.

Joe O’Hara




Vandals beware

This letter is to the person who vandalized the men’s room at the indoor pool in Oak Run, a 55-plus community in Ocala.
I find it so hard to believe that this was done by a resident of our fine community, but the question I want to ask is why did you do it?
If for some reason you have a gripe with the management of our community going into the men’s room and causing a flood is not going to settle that difference between you and management. Did you think that such an act would cause management any inconvenience? Your thinking that management would suffer by the closing of this facility due to flood damage you did was a totally wrong assumption on your part.

Did you not stop and think that these buildings and contents therein are all under insurance? Management most likely reported this incident to the Sheriff’s Office and then put in a claim to their insurance company to cover the damages. The insurance company will send out a representative to assess the damages, and then decide on a payment to repair all the damage that you caused. This could take weeks. In the meantime the facility will be closed to all residents.
Didn't you consider some residents use this facility every day for health reasons?
The closing of this facility only hurts the residents because they are the ones denied access to it. You are a selfish person to think only of your small problem whatever it may be, and not the welfare of all the residents of the Oak Run community.
I myself would gladly contribute to a fund to have security cameras installed in all the facilities in our fine community so this will not ever happen again without the vandal being exposed and reported to the police. 

If you are a resident of our great community, and I pray that you're not, you must know that every neighborhood has a representative. Some neighborhoods have two representatives, and the representatives are elected to resolve any problems or complaints you may have, and to act as your liaison with management. The neighborhood representative is your link to getting things done for all concerned.
If you are not a resident well then there is such a thing as small claims court or an attorney and fight it out with management in court.
Leave the residents alone. We pay amenities every month for the use of the wonderful facilities we have here in our community and we don't like anyone messing with them. . So be careful next time you decide to do any damage, you will not be in a winning situation next time.
Rosemarie Peluso

Neighborhood Representative and Treasurer of Oak Run


 Against Tea Party

The debt ceiling fight in Washington proves one thing, and that is that the Tea Party is the worst thing to happen to American politics in years. 

A list of what is wrong with the Tea Party is too long to cite here so I'll just mention the most recent idiocy attributed to them.  Currently there is a bill before Congress to raise the debt ceiling.  This bill is necessary so that the United States can meet its fiscal obligations and not go into default which would be a catastrophe.  The tea baggers in Congress are refusing to sign the bill saying that it contains tax increases.  This is not true.  The bill proposed by the Obama administration simply closes some tax loop holes and removes some tax subsidies to the rich.   This intransigence by the tea baggers makes one wonder if it's the tax issues they object too or is it something else, like their dislike of the Obama administration and their wish for it to fail.  Whichever is the case I hope that it will come back to bite them in the next election.

Jim Rogers

Oak Run