Letters to the editor 07-22-2011

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Obama and Social Security

In 1950, we helped produce a daily nationally syndicated newspaper feature called, “Spotlight on Business,” created by the Bureau of Labor Statistics top statistician, Morris Katz, One day the feature’s subject was the “market basket” used to create and maintain the Cost of Living index.

We asked Katz how they selected the items for the “basket”. He laughingly replied, “Whatever Harry (President Harry S. Truman) wants, is what Harry gets.”

There is no indication that this policy changed after Congress authorized annual cost of living adjustments for people who receive Social Security benefits and other types of federal pensions.

All of us who have had to buy groceries, hardware, services, gasoline, etc. know that our cost of living has been increasing steadily, year after year, and it did not stop increasing after President Obama took office.

What was stopped by the Obama administration, were Social Security cost of living adjustments for millions of older Americans, many of whom are widows with no other source of income and extremely limited possibilities of being able to earn   additional income in today’s depressed job market.

So, when President Obama recently said that he might not be able to send out Social Security pension checks next month, that’s exactly what he might do. However, since President Obama is in the midst of his 2012 election campaign, he may decide it would be better to not only send out the Social Security checks, but cost of living adjustment checks too. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

 David U. Groves


A cure for apathy


I have found it. A sure cure for voter apathy.

Watch: www.thefloridachannel.org , Bright House 78.8, Cox 115, or, any other channel that carries the redistricting, and other government meetings. If you can stomach these for even one day, and not be jolted out of your disinterest in the voting process, you are made of stone.

Pay particular attention to:

The enjoyment factor {dog & pony show}

The uninteresting factor

The lauding of public servants {They are not our masters}

The convoluted factor

The waste factor

The patronizing factor

The hot air factor

The cheering for more government

The bang your head against the wall factor

The disgust factor

The Florida Government waste factor

The loss of freedom factor

Do not take anyone’s word for what goes on in government. Watch it yourself.

If you are happy with what you see, then go on your merry way. If you take umbrage, get up, and do something about it.

Voter apathy is killing America. If you are enjoying your freedom, you had better takes steps to preserve it. Freedom is not free. Even if is for only a few years. You will miss it when it is gone. That is a guarantee. Life will not be pretty.

D.I. Larson


Are we broke?

I refuse to acknowledge that America is out of money … “broke”. We are rapidly plunging toward insolvency, and will be in default on Aug. 3, unless Congress can agree before then on the three steps that it must take to mend our debt-crisis: (1) Don’t raise the debt-ceiling. If it is there, Congress will spend it! (2) Don’t increase taxes. Congress and President Obama screwed it up! We shouldn’t have to pay for those screw-ups! (3) DO enact meaningful, drastic spending cuts … but not to Social Security and Medicare … most Americans already paid for these.

We currently have a revenue stream that allows us to pay the interest on our debt. We continue to hand out “entitlement” money … even too those who are not entitled to that money.

However, when our debt-holders demand the principle on our debt and America suddenly realizes it doesn’t have the money to pay it; when our citizens are rioting in the streets because America can’t afford to give them their handouts … then America will be officially “broke”.

Obama has clearly demonstrated that he is not an effective leader. He can raise $86 million for his re-election campaign in no time at all. But, he’s had 29 months to get the economy back on track and has only succeeded in making it much worse. Now he is demanding that Congress fix the economy immediately and storms out of the debt-ceiling talks because he’s not getting his way. Where’s the leadership?

I pray daily that we never have to experience truly being “broke”. But, unless we pray a lot louder, “yell and scream” to Congress a lot louder, unless we slam on the breaks and reverse course quickly, that’s the direction in which we are headed.

Joe O’Hara


 Make the payments

To the president:

President Obama, you say you cannot guarantee that Social Security recipients will get their monthly checks if Republicans refuse to raise the debt limit. Come now, Mr. President; all you have to do is open that lockbox wherein the Social Security Trust Fund resides, take out the money, and make the payments. I think you are just trying to scare me.

Baxter B. Stinson

Oak Run

Energy, backbone of the American economy

How’s that alternative/”green” energy working for you?  Is it helping run your motor vehicle?  Have you been putting it in your gas tank, after the price of gasoline went up so much since last year?  Are you using some nice “green” gasoline?

Have you noticed that the economy has declined some more, as gasoline and other fossil fuel prices have risen?  Are you surprised at that?  If so, you’ve bought into the lies that have come out of government/media about the “great wonders” of alternative/ “green” energy, and the “need” to continually assault America’s fossil fuel industries.  (oil, natural gas, coal).

The occupant of the White House has commissioned his number one weapon/enemy against the American economy, the EPA (Environmental “Protection” Agency) to do great damage to all American fossil fuel production, with increased regulation on the coal industry (for electric, commercial, manufacturing), and the absurd dishonesty of calling carbon dioxide a health hazard as an excuse to increase their assault on fossil fuels.

At the 2008 annual meeting, I listened to Jim Duncan, CEO of electric company SECO, just before America’s economy crashed big, and the Democrats were hollering “crisis,” as their excuse to bury America in much more debt.

(“Stimulus”) and regulation that have done worse than nothing for America’s economy or other well-being, because the massive debt and regulatory increases have been intended to hurt, not help America.  In 2008, and again this year, I thanked Mr. Duncan for his honest and important assessment. In 2008, I was a bit surprised at the treachery of “cap and trade” ideas (which I first learned about from Duncan) to bury America even further in recession. 

Since then, no government treachery is surprising, as it keeps rolling out, especially from the White House and his czars and agencies.        

Jim’s (Duncan) more recent warning is about the EPA, with its ongoing, brazen attempts to regulate American energy industries into oblivion and, thus, America itself, into oblivion.  Meanwhile, we continue to hear the joke coming from the White House, that its occupant cares about jobs and the economy, while he does all he can to ruin the economy and all worthwhile jobs.)

Eight-five percent of America’s energy comes from fossil fuels; 50 percent of American electricity comes from coal, by far America’s most abundant and easily accessible source of energy.  It’s easy to see that an assault on coal and other fossil fuels is a devastation to America’s economy. It’s also easy to understand that it’s clear, intentional treachery against America!  

“The market will supply the energy innovations the country needs/wants; the role of government is to reduce regulatory burden, and get out of the way.”  EPA: 30 new regulations coming and 170+ major policy rules; restricts Appalachia coal mining permits.  EPA has the usual destructive government ideology:  “no cost is too much.”

Statistics show that for all Jimmy Carter’s “alternative energy” costs to America, in all these years, alternative energy has barely made a dent in America’s overall energy usage.  Does America now want to go through the same folly, again, even while America is barely hanging on, economically and otherwise?  If the “democrat” communist party is allowed, with its treacheries, to finish off America, I can see them now pronouncing how it was everyone’s fault but their own, one of their standard mantras (lies).

Obama is still considering a new tax on gasoline, based on aggregate mileage.  Other treacheries include:  Obama’s “moratorium” on Gulf drilling (while sending a large amount of our money to Brazil to drill in the gulf for oil), other prohibitions on drilling, decades long prohibition on building new refineries, lies that new drilling “won’t help”.......

Here’s an assessment from American Legislative Exchange Council (alec.org):  EPA’s regulatory train wreck:  Strategies for State Legislators “beneficial link between a robust economy and healthy environment.” 

“Jeffersonian principles of free markets, limited govt, federalism, individual liberty.”

“To celebrate its 40th birthday (12/10), EPA undertook one of the most hostile regulatory assaults on energy affordability and electric reliability in our nation’s history.”  Pending are “greenhouse gas emissions” rules/laws.  Next several years:  over-reaching air and water rules, damage: jobs, economy, energy costs, intl. competitiveness, trample states’ rights. 

See SECO News, May 2011, as Jim Duncan 1) exposes the destructive “job” that U.S. government has done, for decades, re American energy.  2)  “STOP the EPA”, exposing EPA’s specific aim at Florida, to damage our energy industry, and the large, unnecessary costs that this treacherous agency is aiming at us!

I’m grateful that my electric company and its CEO (unlike federal government) are with us, rather than against us!  But Duncan acknowledges that he and other patriots have a hard fight, and victory is not certain, especially if so many “Americans” remain so apathetic, or even on the side of traitors.

Paul Zeigler


Alan Grayson

Re: Your, “The re-emergence of a candidate “

I honor Alan Grayson. He was one of the few congress persons with guts enough to loudly, proclaim his positions.

His beliefs are straight forward as he sees them, they are not bought.

This in Congress is refreshing.

Our present congress, whether Democratic or Republican, has been bought and paid for by banks, Wall Street, large corporations oil companies , etc.. The votes are dictated by lobbyists , and / or many ideological dogmas The interests of the American people have become secondary to a large extent..

This wonderful country is rapidly deteriorating; jobs, education, skills, infrastructure all are diminishing, as we watch Congress and the moneyed interests betraying us.

Alan Grayson at least has the courage to speak up, one of the few.

Erwin Fluss, OTOW