Letters to the editor 02-20-2015

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Youth needs info for project
My name is Marie Talbert and I have chosen your wonderful state of Florida for my state report. I am in fifth grade at Conway School, which is in the farming community of Skagit County in Washington. We are one hour north of Seattle and one hour south of the Canadian border. Our community is known for our tulips and every year we hold the Tulip Festival in April.
I am hoping you will publish this letter so some readers might graciously help with my report. I am hoping they may share any memorabilia, artifacts, advertisements, magazines/newspapers/brochures or pictures from your state. This will be used in my report and very appreciated. I know there are time and postage costs involved, so in return I will send you a picture of my final display for the State Report Fair, which we share with our community. And, of course, this picture will be accompanied by a “thank you” card from me.
I very much thank you for your time and consideration. God bless America.
Maria Talbert,
Mount Vernon, Wash.

Editor’s Note: If you wish to mail Talbert directly, items can be sent to Maria Talbert C/O Conway School, 19710 State Route 534, Mount Vernon, Wa., 98273.

God Bless America
While watching TV the other day, I caught a glimpse of “...    not allowed to say God bless America”.... I did not catch in what context the statement was made, but it prompted me to think about the First Amendment to our Constitution. Banning or forbidding to say “God bless America” is abridging one’s freedom of expression.
Furthermore, a reference to God has been a pervasive thread in the fabric of our society from the early days of our country. When our Supreme Court tears out that thread, it unwittingly damages that very fabric. On a daily basis, we experience how that fabric is getting frayed almost to the point of falling apart.
Wallowing in their self-made, elite environment, Capitol Hill and the High Court do not give a hoot about this societal erosion. And, it seems, the general public is not concerned either.
Should not we collectively ask for God’s blessings now, more than ever before?
Karl Barlay, Oak Run