Letters to the editor 01-30-2015

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Firemen and EMS plus police officers
You may not realize it, but they are two different entities, although both are public employees. Yes, public employees.
Let's address our fantastic firefighters-EMS people first. These men and women are trained to save our property and our lives, and it happens every single day. We pay them less than a car salesman, (how many lives do they save?), janitors, wait staff, trash collectors, etc. and actually just about anyone else. Man, are we cheapskate employers. Blame it on Republicans, and be justified.
These specialists, and I mean specialists, should be making at least $25 per hour. I put forth this question. How many lives have the Fire Department, EMS professionals, saved in 2014 alone? I would bet, here in Oak Run alone, quite a few. I know they've helped my wife and I. Remember, people, you don't put a dollar value on life.
Of course, if we took away the pay for county commissioners and School Board members, and they worked as people who are proud to serve, as they did when my children were in school, here in Florida 50 years ago, we'd have the money to put to its proper use. These two boards haven't ever taken a competency test, and probably couldn't pass. They'd fall flat on their faces. They do have paid trips on expense accounts, which they covet.
Now, our police departments. These men and women are police officers, not cops. Get it. I guess if you're from New Yooorrrk, you're a cop. I was brought up in Ohio, to respect police officers. If they don't deserve respect then fire them.
Now we employ them, not the other way around, consequently, they are big time helpers to the public. They also deserve proper pay, as they put their lives on the line for us as well.
All of these public servants, firemen and women, EMS people and police officers, need to be paid and respected properly.
I challenge you to look upon them as homefront servicemen and women. They put their lives on the line for us, the same as our troops in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Bill Ford, Oak Run


 Two very different visions
There has probably never been a time in our recent history that truly good people can see the same things happening and view them so differently. This was evidenced by the letter “Poor Choices” which was well written and expressed the honest views of a loyal Democrat. Other than his fear of Medicare being cut, he is correct in Republicans being concerned with the record increases in the number of Americans on welfare, food stamps and disability. This does not apply to those who are truly disabled, we just need to ensure they truly are. America is not a welfare state!
We are also for the definition of marriage being defined as between a man and a woman (God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve), and as Christians, that view point will not change. We are for the unborn baby’s right to live, not be put to death because of inconvenience to the mother. And yes, we are against government infringement of our Second Amendment rights. Regardless of party, if you are against individual gun ownership, you are living in the wrong part of the country. Statistics say that 90 percent plus of Southern homes own at least one gun.
The ACA was never about Health Insurance, it was and is about big government takeover. Our health care system could be improved without the ACA. I know of no one who doesn’t believe there needs to be some major changes made to it and soon. Also, I wouldn’t be too concerned about climate change, God is still in control of that too and we have virtually no control of the Universe. We have always had climate changes, both hot and cold, and whatever God decides, we will get.
In mentioning Obama’s accomplishments, Democrats neglect to speak of our record debt, our loss of World respect, along with his stated desire to “fundamentally” change America. Unfortunately, no one asked, “into what”? He is also the only president to believe and state we are not a Christian nation.
 Businessmen know that giving tax breaks to businesses that can hire employees doesn’t hurt the economy, it positions them in a favorable position to expand. High taxes can drive businesses to move their headquarters to another country, a move we have seen too often in the recent past.
 Most would admit he is the least qualified we have ever elected president. He has done more to divide our country by creating racial tension and class warfare than anyone in my lifetime. One of the best examples of this is the way he and Holder handled the recent police shootings, a subject I have written on previously.
Only time will tell what the future holds for America , because a country that is divided as we are cannot stand. I pray we can somehow come together in a Godly manner, seek God’s will in our decision making and put political differences behind us. Our country can’t survive as the nation we grew up in unless we go back to being the Land of Opportunity, a land that is proud to be “under God.”
Wayne Rackley