Letter to the editor 1-27-2012

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Class warfare at its best

Class warfare at its best
I have never witnessed such a broad attack on our American way of life, our capitalistic system, as is now being waged by this administration and the liberal media. Painting the very successful as being the greedy enemy, promoting class warfare, making every effort to divide and conquer and to destroy America as we know it. Remember Obama’s pledge to fundamentally change our country without being questioned as to what changes?
This is America, the land of opportunity, free enterprise and individual freedom based on our Constitution. We are not a European country, we do not embrace socialism, Marxism, Communism or having a dictatorship. If you want this, move!
Put this in the bank, as soon as Romney reveals his income tax forms, he will be attacked for making too much money and paying too little taxes, even though it will show he filed an honest return, paying the taxes due. The tax code permits investors to be taxed at less than the top income tax rate, which is designed to encourage our making investments, risk taking and job creation. Some businesses succeed, some fail, but at least we have the opportunities that no other country in the world offers.
It’s time we stop screaming the “rich” don’t pay their fair share, the top 10 percent pay most of the taxes. What percent would you say is fair? It will be reported that Romney “only” pays about 15 percent in taxes, while the average American pays 18 percent, which is an outright lie since the majority of us pay less than 15 percent. Nearly half of us don’t pay any income tax, and even though they don’t pay a dime, many will get refunds in the thousands of dollars. You can bet they are wanting everyone else to pay more taxes and most will vote for Obama and his view of an entitlement society. Why not, they do not want to do anything to “rock the boat,” stop the flow of taxpayer money to themselves.
We are facing the most important election I have seen in my lifetime, and I began voting for Eisenhower. We are divided as a nation more than I have ever witnessed and a divided Nation will not survive.  In November, we will decide which America we want, and it scares me how many now want a big daddy government that will take care of them, not calling for self reliance and responsibility. As I said earlier, if you want that type of country, move!
If you do nothing else, study “Obamacare” carefully, it will destroy America as we know it and will just be the beginning if he is re-elected.  Anybody But Obama.
God bless America!
Wayne Rackley