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Letter to the editor by Charles J. Piazza

By The Staff

An open letter to Wendy Binnie:

I read your article regarding the man in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama. You feel he was unfairly maligned by the person you call the Soap Man.

Now talking about a Soap Box you declare that if you knew more about Obama the more you would come to realize that he’s an all American hero.

What planet do you live on?

Obama has been groomed to further the ambitions of the far left, (that includes you), from the very beginning. He wrote books about himself long before anyone knew who he was. Great leaders after they perform their service to our nation write of their experiences. Talk about audacity. Self aggrandizement by an unknown politician is beyond the pale.

He was the head of the Far left Education Agenda for the Chicago schools and administered funds provided by the notorious Tide organization. He was in partnership with Bill,(The Terrorist), Ayres Wow what a resume.

As a Community Organizer he was a complete failure. When he was named head of the Harvard Law Review he never wrote one piece of material which was contrary to every other individual who held that post. He seems to have become wealthy despite never holding a job that paid more than $50,000. It certainly wasn’t from the sale of his books that no one ever bought or read.

As for his birth certificate, we will get to the bottom of that before year end.

Now that the infamous members of the JournoListers have been exposed, (Big Surprise), they can no longer hide behind their masks of presenting lies as the truth.

By the way, can you tell me one thing that Glen Beck has said about Obama and his radical appointees, that was untrue and unproven? This is your opportunity to present that information or even better call the White House phone on Glen’s desk.

In a way I feel sorry for you, you can see but you are blind.

As for me I am 73 years old but if I have to lay down my life to ensure that my children, grandchildren and future great grandchildren live in Freedom so be it!

God bless America.

Charles J. Piazza

Marion Landing