Let's propose some amendments

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

The voters of Florida made it a little harder, several years ago, to amend the state’s Constitution. To be sure, there are still amendments constantly being proposed and being put on the ballot, but now it takes a 60 percent approval vote to get them passed.
This all came about after an amendment was passed to protect pregnant pigs. What’s that, you ask? Yes, pregnant pigs. If you weren’t here then, we’re not going to even attempt to explain it to you.
That means that even if the majority of Florida voters want to change something, they still have to muster a “super majority” to get it enacted.
Even with that in mind, we have a few that we would like to see on the ballot.
Save our Summers (SOS). That was the title of an amendment passed some years ago that said school could not start until two weeks before Labor Day, or later. But there were loopholes, and some counties have found excuses to get around the will of the people (including some neighboring counties). So we propose a new law: Public school classes may not start until the day after Labor Day. Period. No exceptions. That way we can save our summers and spare drivers by giving them two fewer weeks of school zones and buses.
No budget, no laws. The only thing state legislators are mandated to do is pass a budget. So how about this. No legislation may be discussed or voted upon by either the House or the Senate until a budget is adopted. That way we won’t get a budget rammed down our throats at the end of the session.
Lights on all the time. There are all sorts of laws as to when you have to have your headlights on in your car, such as up to one-half hour after sunrise, one-half hour before sunset, when it’s raining, etc. How about this? Headlights must be on at all times when a vehicle is moving. That takes the guesswork out of when you flip that switch.
Get in trouble, no scholarship. Anyone on scholarship to a public college or university (athletic or academic) will have that scholarship suspended upon their arrest. If charges are dropped or the person is found not guilty, it will be restored retroactively. Any other outcome, pleading guilty or no contest, etc., will result in the scholarship being revoked.
Appoint all school superintendents. What would happen if we elected the president of the U.S., but also elected the Secretary of State, Attorney General, etc. Each would be running his own show without fear of being removed, except by the voters every four years. Here is Marion we’re lucky, we haven’t had a major problem. But neighboring counties have, especially Levy a few years ago when the super fired a popular football coach and the School Board was powerless to reverse him. Put safeguards in so that current elected superintendents couldn’t be forced from office before the end of their terms, so there would be no vindictiveness in the vote. But an appointed superintendent works better.
That’s just a few of the changes we have in mind. Think we have a chance?
 We don’t either.