Labor Day a tough reminder for some

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

Many years ago, Labor Day was established to honor the working people of our land, and that is still the purpose of the holiday.
Up north, it marks the end of summer, but down here it has little effect on the people because of the weather.
For now, Labor Day is a bittersweet reminder of the hard times that we are going through economically in the United States.
The editorial cartoon near the bottom of today’s page is very appropriate for many people, calling Labor Day “The New Thanksgiving” for many who are fortunate enough to be working and support a family, to say nothing of themselves.
Still, we need to keep in mind the day’s purpose, to honor those who labor throughout our great nation. Workers have made our country the best in the world, and some of them have done it with the sweat of their brow and with nearly back-breaking effort.
So take the time to think about those who work so hard for us across the country, and give them their due on the holiday.