Knowing our history 07-01-2011

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Letter to the editor by Wayne Rackley

       One thing we get from reading editorials and columns in this and other newspapers is that some writers think they know all the answers to whatever is being discussed.  Wanting our country to return to the Christian principles on which it was founded is NOT an attack on our country by the religious right, rather the desire to keep God in his rightful place.

If the writer would look into more history about our founding fathers, she would see the honor and glory given to God in the establishment of this new nation.  I don’t have time or space for the many quotes from so many of them that support this fact, but if anyone will simply look, they will discover that while they didn’t specify a specific religion, America was built on Christian values and principles. The values we live by define who we are as individuals, families, and as a nation.  To say the vast majority of our founders didn’t believe in the Bible being true, being the inspired word of God is simply ridiculous.  Why do you think we have to take an oath on the Bible when testifying in our courts, for example?  This practice didn’t just start yesterday!

If anyone cannot see us moving away from these values, they have their head in the sand.  The efforts to take God out of our schools, public buildings, parks, our money, and pledge is having its toll on our society.  Bibles were in  schools for example in my great grandparents’ day (1800), Bibles were a part of nearly every household, children were taught to say their prayers, manger scenes at Christmas time were treasured and not questioned.  Does this sound like America today? Can’t anyone see why God-fearing Americans want “our Country back”?   We don’t like the direction we are taking!

Perhaps the biggest mistake America is making today is putting our trust in man or a political party, when we should be putting our faith and trust in God.  He is the one who will heal our land as promised in scripture if we will repent and turn back to him.  I realize this has no meaning to non believers and those who want this “new” America, I just hope and pray they aren’t speaking for the majority.  God Bless America!

Wayne Rackley