Join the mah-jongg madness

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By Jan Liberio

The holidays are over and some people say they are glad, but I really enjoy the Christmas and Hanukkah seasons. It’s hectic but it brings out the good in a lot of people. So the holidays and my birthday are over for another year.

Really could do without the birthday. It is awful to have a birthday in January. I am always on a diet.

Mah-jongg Madness

This column is featuring the Mah-jongg Ladies. Not that the club is restricted to women but, so far, we haven’t found a man brave enough to join.

Spruce Creek North’s Mah-jongg Club began in 1988. Charlotte Berrent is our wonderful leader and Chairperson and has taught many of the gals. Mah-jongg is a Chinese (torture) tile game.

New game cards come out every April, so everyone starts the new card at the same time. It is a tough game but can be come very addictive once you learn it.

Some weeks go by and you can’t seem to win a hand and you want to stay home. But you don’t and you come back and start winning, and things look much better.

The ladies play every Wednesday at 12:45 p.m. Bring $2 in change and when you lose that … you play free. Unfortunately the photo is missing some of our long-time players like Betty Testa, Fran Connors and Rose Patrick, to name a few as they were not available for picture taking. It is difficult to get everyone together at the same time.

Anyone interested in mah-jongg, contact Charlotte or e-mail the message to me and I will get it to her. It’s a great game.

Singles Club

The Singles Club is having a meeting Feb. 14. Mary Ann Weller has resigned as chairperson. She recently got married, so she is no longer a single. Congratulations, Mary Ann.

The club is looking for a new chairperson. Come on folks. You can’t rely on the same people all the time to volunteer for all these jobs.

The singles go to various places throughout the year.


I have to print a correction for the Jan. 2 column. Doris Nichols was nice enough to e-mail me that she does not teach line dancing. The teacher is Faye Millard from Marion Landing.

So sorry about this but I was told it was Doris. So let’s thank Doris for the correction and compliment Faye for her wonderful teaching.

Line dancing is Tuesdays at 10 am. And yes, it is free.

A Very Nice Place

My hubby and I were in need of a jeweler and decided to stop at Jasmine Plaza at J and J Jewelers. What a delightful shop. The owners, Jeff and Jody Saulnier, were very helpful and pleasant. If you get a chance, stop by and meet them.

North News

I had two surprise e-mails inquiring about our clubs (which are open to non-residents). The one woman was from Marco Polo Village.

This is a good step in getting our neighbors from other communities interested in our activities. It is always refreshing to meet new people.

There will be a report on our election and board meeting on Jan. 21 in my next column. Thank you so much for the wonderful turnout on a very chilly night.

We have a small community but there is so much to do. Remember we are off S.W. 103rd Street Road.

Our “winter” in Florida should be over by the time this column comes out. But our “winters” have no snow to shovel. See you in two weeks.

Jan Liberio resides in Spruce Creek North with her hubby, Jim. Please drop news in her mailbox at the Clubhouse or e-mail her at JnLiber@aol.com.