Job-creating governor? 06-03-2011

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Letter to the editor by Jerry Segovis

Floridians beware, we are being led down the path of destruction by the Republicans who are and have been in power for several years in the Sunshine State. We love living here because of the weather and the friendly neighbors that we are so lucky to have. I try to be optimistic about the future of our state but during the last election cycle we were lied to by those Republicans who were elected to office and especially by our newly elected governor.

We were told that jobs were going to be available for those who were willing to work but we weren't told that we would have to leave the state to find these jobs. Working people who spend their earnings on homes, transportation and even food are just  out of luck because the job creator is using his cutting axe on the people who elected him.

I read on May 26 that Gov. Scott was cutting 4,500 state jobs, many more thousands from the public school system, $140 million from higher education at the universities, cutting 8,400 jobs from road building and fewer private construction workers, $30 million being cut from the restoration of the everglades and those workers who are left can see $510 million being cut by state and federal funding for those who rely on Medicaid reimbursements.

Our job-creating governor will be known as the job-killing governor who is killing more than just jobs, he is killing Florida, where I wanted to spend the rest of my life.

Jerry Segovis