It wasn't a demotion? Oh, really?

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Column by Jim Clark

Just when you think you’re going to have a nice, positive, post-election column, something happens to gum up the works.

I guess I can still legitimately praise George Tomyn and Dr. Diana Greene for the school superintendent campaign they ran.

While all the attention was focused on the unfortunate events in the sheriff’s race, which at this writing still isn’t settled, Tomyn and Greene ran a quiet, seemingly positive campaign. Voters heard the qualifications from each, and didn’t get the nasty, negative mailings, etc., that permeated other races.

But just when you think everything was going along smoothly, Tomyn, less than 48 hours after winning the election. announced changes in his administrative staff to take effect on Nov. 26.

Among those changes was the “reassigning” of Greene and Wally Wagoner, Tomyn’s primary opponent, to jobs that removed them from the deputy superintendent role that each held.

Greene has become principal of Fessenden Elementary, and Wagoner, well, he’s just reassigned and we don’t know where.

Tomyn insisted that these were just reassignments and not demotions, but come back a month from now and compare the current salaries of the pair to what they will be making then.

I guess that’s the people living up to the saying, “To the victor belongs the spoils.” Still, Ican’t help but think that the school system would have been better served if Greene and Wagoner had remained in their current jobs.

Furthermore, it would seem to have been politically expedient for Tomyn to take the high road and keep these two people in their posts. They might have become allies, ensuring Tomyn’s re-election in the future.

Now, I can just see the wheels turning for 2016. You can gear up right now for the school superintendent race, and you can bet that this move by Tomyn will be front and center in the debate.

How’s that for having something to look forward to?

Speaking of clean campaigns, there were a couple of others that went all right, too.

In the race for supervisor of elections, Wes Wilcox easily outpointed Judge Cochran. Wilcox ran on his own record, choosing not to criticize Cochran, who had no experience in the elections office. The outcome was not a surprise, but neither man’s reputation was tainted. Congratulations to both.

And in the lone contested County Commission race, things went smoothly as Earl Arnett defeated Jessica Hadley. Both also stayed above the fray, and we even got a “live” phone call from Arnett’s camp. Again, nice job by both.

Jim Clark is the editor of the South Marion Citizen.