Isolationism a Good Thing! 02-04-2011

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Letter to the editor by Bill Ford

Most of us living in the “200 Corridor,” are familiar with the term “isolationist,” describing the United States, post WWI and pre-WWII. The words used were “isolationist country.” Many felt Japan attacked the United States because of our isolationism and thus we were a weak nation. Boy, were they ever fooled. Japan awoke in us what even Weston Churchill couldn’t do and that was to bring us into the war with Germany. In reflection, all of those other countries were wrong, dead wrong.

Now some 66 years after the end of WWII, I don’t think going back to being an “isolated country” is a bad thing. After the end of WWII, there came a thing called the Berlin Airlift, a divided Germany and the establishment of the state of Israel. Consequently we became the champion of freedom around the world, as well as the banker with deep pockets.

While we plowed money into helping the Germans, our old enemy, helping to establish new and very unstable near east nations, which are still so to this day, we soon found ourselves involved in a war in Korea. One which I might add, we should never have been involved in as well as others.

So started the United States to becoming the money bags, peace keepers and religious disciples of the world. We handed out the money, tried/trying to be the police force of the world and sent missionaries around the world trying to impose our religious beliefs on other countries. Then we cry foul when anything happens to them abroad.

Now the big boo boo! We are in a position whereby we are $14.3 trillion in debt and to whom. Yeah, to those countries that were our enemies but now hold the mortgage on the United States. What happens if the country defaults. Third class nation status. But, we’ve learned nothing since our coming out of hiding/isolationism. We give Israel the most in foreign aid followed by Egypt and close by is India. This without mentioning our “war machine” that’s stretched so thin, you can see through it and next we want to take on Iran.

Has anyone ever figured out what would happen if we started cutting foreign aid to all those countries now receiving it and it’s being used to help our citizens at home. Wow, no national debt. But that’s too logical. We’ve become too big for our britches and something or some country is going to trim us down to size. Remember you’ve heard it from me many times and supported by many historians, that no new nation has survived longer than 250 years. Now it depends on the year we figure our nation had it’s birth, 1776 or more accurately 1797, but if we split the difference, it would show that this country will go under by the year 2025. Of course most of us won’t be around then and maybe that’s a good thing, but our children and grandchildren will be.

To summarize where we are today: we are stretched thin financially, militarily and technologically. We have become a “C” country, about average, while other nations, China, India and Japan to name three, are surpassing us in every way. All of our shortcomings will spell defeat. Of course global warming might get us first. In any event shame on us. Many years ago the term “Ugly American” was bandied about and it was fostered by those nations to which we gave and are still giving foreign aid. Have we forgotten/forgetting that during WWII steel from this country was used against us by Japan and in the ensuing wars since WWII, much of the military hardware being used against us was, “Made in America.” I rest my case, and may God help us all.

Bill Ford

Korean War veteran, retired corporate officer