Interfaith warehouse destroyed

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Fire erupts after car strikes building

 A fire ignited after a vehicle collided with Interfaith’s Emergency Services warehouse, located between NW 7th Street and NW 5th Avenue, destroyed the facility and damaged the majority of its inventory.


At 3:45 AM Ocala Fire Rescue responded to reports of a car port fire. Within two minutes the first fire engine company was on site. Upon arrival firefighters found the fire scene was greater than anticipated, as the flames were not consuming a standalone car port, but the metal, wood framed structure that comprised Interfaith’s warehouse.

After approximately 40 minutes of battling the flames the fire was under control.

Although no one was harmed and the flames were extinguished before they affected the adjacent thrift store, thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, including a considerable donation of brand new items made recently by a large retailer, were lost.

Seventeen firefighters from four engine companies, one squad, one rescue, and a Battalion Chief worked vigorously to extinguish the fire and salvage as much as possible, but the damage to the facility and its contents was unavoidable.