Infringing on property rights

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Letter to the editor by John Terry

Monday night, April 18, our local Tea party hosted Don Browning, Marion County's own water czar.

Browning introduced the Moody family, who are presently in a struggle with local government over the use of their private property for a business venture. There is a large artesan mineral well continually bubbling up from the ground and the Moody family would like to bottle this high quality water which at present is going nowhere.

The Moody family business would not only bring jobs to Marion County but this high quality water has the potential to be marketed similar to Perrier.

The Silver Springs Protection agency which is part of the United Nations Agenda 21 along with local government is telling the Moody family that they do not want large corporations to come in and steal our water. Marion County is the third largest supplier of water thanks to our unique natural resource.

Browning also gave a power point presentation of alternative solutions to water management and continues to fight with Silver Springs Protection and other Agenda 21 groups. Presently, he is working with members of the Florida Legislature to correct flawed assumptions and protect our natural springs long term.

Make no mistake that the refusal to allow the Moody family to use their private property for a business venture that would stop millions of gallons of water from being wasted and could instead be bottled and bring economic growth and jobs to Marion County is an infringement of private properly rights. The government continues to push back our rights.

Marioncounty citizens should contact all county commissioners to stop them from taking our property rights away, show up at the next county commissioner meeting on the second Tuesday of May and support the Moody family.

John Terry