Human Touch committee serves many functions

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By Jan Liberio

Mother’s Day was last Sunday. I hope all the mothers all over the world have a day they deserve.

This column’s feature committee is Spruce Creek North’s Human Touch. Human Touch is a “reach out” committee that has many functions. They reach out to our residents with many services.

The first service is lending out medical equipment to all who need it for as long as they need it. They have numerous medical items. Len Dochus is the coordinator and RC Cummins is his assistant.

Respite sitters: Ginny Dochus is coordinator of this service. She will go sit with an ill shut-in so their spouse can go to the store or conduct necessary business.

Cindy Hutchins sends out get-well and sympathy cards. She sends out get-well cards when a resident is in the hospital, nursing home, etc. A sympathy card is sent out to the surviving spouse.

Need a phone number, address or location of a neighbor? Just pick up your Spruce Creek North telephone book. This directory is constantly updated and published once a year. Fern Eberly is in charge of this service.

A new volunteer has been added this year. Her name is Doris Sheitlin. Doris goes to nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and hospitals when she learns a resident has gone there. She brings a small gift, compliments of Human Touch.

Ginny Dochus provides last minute emergency transportation to a doctor’s office; otherwise, Marion Transportation is available.

New residents are presented with a free pancake ticket and a free dance ticket. Fern Eberly is the volunteer for this service.

Human Touch is open to all Spruce Creek North’s residents. They encourage new people to attend their monthly meetings and enlist volunteers. Human Touch chairperson is Roger Fisher, treasurer is Dorothy Whiting and secretary is Eveline Lapointe. These volunteers work very hard for their community. If you want more information, please contact Roger Fisher. Hats off to this volunteer group!


Our lady Sadie who was featured in one of my columns will have a birthday on May 19. She will be 97! Happy Birthday, Sadie Horton.

Grand Buffet

I am not sure how many people have gone to Grand Buffet Chinese restaurant. It has been under new ownership and it is very clean and the food is fabulous. It is between Olive Garden and Outback in Ocala.

If you don’t like Chinese food, there are tons of other foods to pick from that are not Chinese. Hope you get to try it soon. Lunch is very reasonable.

Outdoor exercise

There have been a few hardy souls who are swimming in the pool. It’s a little “nippy” but my hubby says it’s great! (ya sure!) The exercise gals will be back in the pool as soon as it warms up a bit. There will be exercising at 9 a.m. on Monday/ Wednesday/ Thursday and Saturday. No need to sign up. I will let you know when they start. Our pool is for residents only.

Billiard Boys

The Billiard Boys are enjoying their two new pool tables donated by Art Levredge. Not sure they are playing any better but nonetheless they sure enjoy them Monday through Friday from 2:30 to 5 p.m., plus practicing whenever they can.


I have a correction about line dancing. They line dance is on Tuesdays, not Wednesdays. They are on summer break now but will return in the fall. Everyone seemed to enjoy it!

No more Pancake People until September.


Our new library looks great with all new bookcases and so many more books to choose from. Make sure you check it out.


How do you like all the different weeds that popped up in the lawns this spring? Must have been the cold (for Florida) winter. Only the weeds survived! I figure if we pulled all the weeds there would be no lawn.

So happy belated Mother’s Day. And a happy birthday to Mary Golab!

See you in the Citizen in two weeks.

Jan Liberio resides in Spruce Creek North with her hubby, Jim. Please drop news in her mailbox at the Clubhouse or e-mail her at JnLiber@aol.com.