How's the beef

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

By The Staff

Sometimes there are stories on a national level that should be studied locally. One such case was a report on the sports television network, ESPN, on Tuesday.

The network did a story on the condition of food at Major League ballparks. Some of it centered on Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Rays.

The story pointed out all the major violations at concession stands at various stadiums. It was enough to make sure you go to your next baseball game with a full stomach.

But it started us thinking about how thorough inspections are of local concession stands. Think of the thousands of people in Marion County who go to Friday night football games, and how busy the concession stands are. Do you really know how safe the food is that you are eating? Does the Health Department do an inspection at the beginning of the season to make sure all is well, or does it pull surprise inspections during games to make sure what is being fed to the public is in good condition?

People should find out before eating these foods.

An interesting sidelight was that on an ESPN talk show Wednesday morning, one of the announcers said he really “didn’t want to know” and would go on eating at games just as he always has.

That’s not a good attitude to take with your family. We’d like some reassurances from the county that all these concessions are done properly, whether it’s the preseason classic in August or the playoffs in November.