How High Is High? 03-11-2011

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Letter to the editor by Wayne Rackley

 I question just how high gas prices must go before the vast majority of us will say enough is enough, stop depending on our enemies for oil and start using our own!   Experts tell us we have more oil within our borders, not counting off shore drilling, than Saudi Arabia.  It’s like having a garden in our back yard and not having the intelligence to eat what we grow, instead going to the market and buying it. 

          Give the oil companies the OK to start building needed refineries within our borders, employing thousands of private employees, and we will have energy prices back under control.  This is much more efficient than building high speed rails that most won’t ride anyway. 

          This doesn’t mean we will stop looking at other sources of energy, but will serve as a permanent solution to a real problem we face in the immediate future.  IF politicians had the foresight to begin this five years ago, the present problem would not exist and we would be independent, free from the bonds of foreign oil now and in the future.  If any elected official objects, get them out of office now, don’t wait until the next election.   This isn’t about political party, it’s common sense solutions for real problems.

          Again, how high will energy prices have to go, how about 8 to 10 dollars a gallon?

Where is the outrage?   How about $20?    It’s time to demand action, now!


Wayne Rackley