How does she know?

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Letter to the editor by L.Emmons

By The Staff

Although I seldom read Wendy Binnie's column, the title of her column on Friday, July 16, caught my eye:”Obama neither socialist or Muslim.”

Where does she get her information? His personal records are sealed, and people all over our country know the true facts.

Right above her column title it says: “People First, Not Government.” That is exactly what the Tea Parties are trying to do. They do not want the same government as other countries. If some people do not like our proven form of government, they should return to their own country or move.

Regardless of Obama's thinking and Wendy's, we wish to remain a Christian nation. I believe in free enterprise and, unlike Wendy, I am not jealous of Bill O'Reilly, Glen Beck and Sean Hannity, if they are millionaires or not. Again, where does she get her information?

L. Emmons