Herman and Ruth Daldin share their interesting life story

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By Fiona Blair

Spring, a beautiful time of year! Get out the watering cans. New shoots are appearing on shrubs and flowers and they need attention! It will be worth the effort when friends come a-calling, and oooh and ahhh at the beautiful results of your efforts!

With the warmer weather come wild four-legged beasties! There have been sightings of coyotes in Palm Cay.

As we take the natural habitat away from them, the only place left to go for these poor critters, is into the backyards looking for a tasty morsel. Friends of this writer, who live in Oak Run, have seen four coyotes brazenly walk through the back yard during the day. Please keep your pets safe, and one of the best places is indoors. Also, doggie owners, please be responsible and pickup after your pet! It is much appreciated.

With the warmer weather,  the pool as well seems to be popular again.

Other activities are also sprouting wings, from aerobics, tennis, horseshoes, bocce ball to golf for ladies, and golf for ladies and gentlemen. If you are in the mood to ‘get fit’ – line dancing, clogging classes, billiards and table tennis or bicycling, and the ever popular walking.

To keep safe, please wear lightly colored clothing and carry or wear a reflective device so that you can be seen at dusk and dawn! It is a lovely time to be outside and watch the stars and moon disappear and the sunrise appear. Thank you God!

For those with a more sedentary appeal, crafts, cards, board games and more, the proverbial ‘something for everyone’! Palm Cay is a great place to live.

A reminder that in Palm Cay, the 25-mile-an-hour speed limit holds. Also, if you are turning onto SR 200, the cars making a U-turn on 200 have the right of way. Be careful out there!

Republican Club

On Thursday, April 9, the Republican Club will host John Deakins who is seeking the House Seat for District 22. Come and hear what he has to say. Refreshments follow the meeting. If you would like more information, please contact Jim Pettus, whose number is in the Palm Cay directory.

Alter Egos

Mark your calendars as well for the Alter Egos performance on Saturday, April 18.

Tickets are available at all the social functions.

“Remember When” will give one a chance to return in memory to a more simple life and when songs had lyrics one understood! It will be a memorable evening. Call Director, John Kalinas, if you would like more information, his number is in the Palm Cay directory.

Homeowners Meeting

The Palm Bay Homeowners Meeting will be April 8. Those in attendance will vote on a proposal by the Board of Directors to renovate the poolroom in order to enhance the usability of that room. For more details of the meeting, check Channel 12.

Persons of the Month:

Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet Herman and Ruth Daldin.

They moved into Palm Cay in 1991 and built a home on 78th Avenue.

After a while they moved to On Top of the World where they made many friends, and Ruth started ‘The Pretenders” entertainment group.

After nine years, they returned to Palm Cay and have been very active, with Ruth directing “The Flamingos” entertainment group.

They have quite a life history between them, and have graciously allowed us a peek.

Herman was born on Jan. 22, 1912 in the State of Ohio and now, at 97 years young, shares almost a century of living with us.  Palm Cay knows Herman as he stands tall and straight and  participates in the Flamingos shows which are directed by his wife, Ruth.

He has always had an interest in music, and in high school brought together five buddies and formed a five-piece band. They played at school functions, weddings, parties etc. During that time, Herman found himself and others looking at all the musical terms and wondered where they came from.

In 1931 while still in high school, he studied the abbreviations, denoting the language in which the terms were written or derived; for example, French, Italian, German, Greek, Latin and Spanish, and wrote a book entitled, “Dictionary of Musical Terms.”

It took until 1995 for it to be published and he received a copyright in 2002. He has played many instruments, including the saxophone, slide trombone and many wind instruments, but his favorite is the slide trombone.

In 1932, Herman, who always had an interest in law, was accepted to the University of Michigan. In order to have some pocket money, he sought out the owner of the Milner Corporation, which had four hotels.

He accepted a night clerk position. The hotel business soon became his passion, and the law degree went out of the window, yet was very beneficial in his work. His work ethic and integrity were soon recognized by Mr. Milner, and as Herman worked his way up the corporate ladder.

So close an association that the Milner and Herman had in their business sense and beliefs, the two drafted the future plan that would make the hotel chain grow to 160 hotels and become the largest hotel chain in the world.)

In his will, Milner decreed that Herman would become the CEO/General Manager.

Herman’s success was in the encouragement he showed his employees, leading by example, and always open and friendly to all.

“It shall be done” became Herman’s trademark.

By 1962, Herman left the Milner chain knowing it would continue in good hands. He started his own chain, The Star Hotel Company. This is where Herman met Ruth, who became his auditor.

Ruth was a graduate of Ohio State, and had worked at Warner Brothers for four years with a producer of films. Ruth was 28 years younger than Herman but they became engaged in 1968 and were married in 1972. They spent their honeymoon in Africa where they toured the country and have a marvelous photographic library of the place visited. They even spent some time at “Treetops Hotel” in Kenya where there is a plaque stating that in 1952, a princess went up the stairs one night, and came down the stairs the next day as queen.

It refers to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain whose father, King George V died while his daughter was visiting Kenya. They would go away for two months at a time. However, they decided in 1980 to sell everything and move to Hawaii. They lived on the Big Island for 12 years.

Herman served in the Army on the island of Oahu. Amusingly, when he left basic training, he was given snow gear and all the components for a winter setting. However, somehow, he landed at Oahu. Herman was known also for his expert typing ability as well as his business acumen from the hotel industry, which preceded him, and when he landed was told ‘…the General wants to see you!’

Herman had been hand-picked by the General and became his Aide-de-Comp who coincidently owned a hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

From 1944 to 1946, he organized billeting for the wounded soldiers and their families among many other duties. He was discharged to Chicago, then went on to Detroit. For about 20 years, he was College Chairman and introduced students to the prestigious Economic Club. Sponsored by the Ford Motor Company and many other organizations, at least 8 students at a time would meet the Speaker of the Day and have access to them in a private room, where questions were asked and answered un-inhibited. Speakers, the likes of President Nixon and Chang Chi Chek were the norm.

Herman was sponsored into the Circum Navigator’s Club by none other than Lowell Thomas. A great honor indeed. Herman organized the Circum Navigator’s Club in Hawaii, and was responsible for having as a speaker the Japanese astronaut, Ellison Onizuka, who was a member of the Challenger crew which came to such a tragic end in 1986.

Herman provided a copy of a letter sent to him from President Nixon inviting him to come to Washington to help the president organize his White House staff. Needless to say, Herman was highly honored.

 As you can see, Herman and Ruth have led a wonderfully interesting life. Their gifts of time and talent to the residents of Palm Cay are greatly appreciated. We thank Ruth for all the years she has directed ‘The Flamingos’, and this writer must take this opportunity to apologize to Ruth for the paper’s error in the headline last week.

We wish Herman and Ruth many years of happiness together as they go forward to more adventures. This writer was honored to have had the pleasure of getting to know both of you and thank you for your service and all you have done. Here is a poem Herman wrote when he was in high school. We can all identify with a ‘best friend’ and he says it so beautifully…

“What Made Us Friends”

What made us friends since long ago

When first we met?

Well, I think I know

It was the best in me

And the best in you

That hailed each other

Because they knew

That ever and ever

Since life began

Our being friends

Was part of God’s plan.

By Herman J. Daldin

There is box in the library at the Oasis for residents to place their newsy tidbits, group activity information, travels, etc. I am listed in the Palm Cay directory or e-mail to fiona-blair@hotmail.com.

Fiona Blair lives quietly with her feline friends, Sir Thomas, Sir Gerold, and adopted mom to Lady Lucinda. Her interests include walking, swimming, calligraphy, old movies …