Grandparents have their day

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

Back quite a few years ago, there was a movie called “Home Alone.” At the end, the bratty little kid who captured a couple of burglars had a part in the subplot. He got his scary next door neighbor reunited with his son, enabling the older man to finally spend some time with his granddaughter.
It was a great message about family love conquering other problems.
Lost in all the memorials and remembrances that Sept. 11 brings, on the 10-year anniversary of the terrible attacks, is a celebration that occurs every year on the second Sunday in September.
This year, Sept. 11 is Grandparents Day.
It’s a day that everyone who has a living grandparent should remember to honor those relatives who have sacrificed much to raise their children, who then produced the grandchildren who make up the family’s bloodlines.
Something that has changed over the years is evident today … many grandparents are much more than that. Many are raising their grandchildren, for whatever reason, because that task has not been undertaken successfully by the children’s parents.
In this part of Marion County, we probably have more grandparents per capita than many other places in the country. Nearly all these people want to have contact with their grandchildren, and today’s celebration is the perfect chance for the younger generation to create some goodwill with grandma and grandpa.
Parents, you can help, by allowing your children to contact the older relatives. Make a special effort to point out to them that many people aren’t lucky enough to have a grandma or grandpa still alive.
We’re not suggesting that the anniversary of 9/11 be ignored. But we do feel that the co-existent celebration should be remembered.
Grandparents deserve to be remembered on their day.