Goodbye, cruel world, especially if you're a Mayan

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Column by Jim Clark

Well, we knew it all had to end sometime. The world is evolving, and one of these days everything will come to a conclusion as we know it.
I’m talking, of course, about the Mayan prophecy that the world will end on Dec. 21, 2012, or 12-21-12.
Of course, none of the Mayans who made that prediction about 1200 years ago or so are still around to see if it comes true. Their world ended long ago.
We’ve heard all about global warming and how it’s destroying our planet. We’ve heard about things like nuclear bombs blotting out the sun and causing the destruction of the earth. Of course, we’ve all heard about too many nuclear bombs blowing up each other and ending the world that way.
But the Mayans? A specific prediction? Who knew?
Were these guys that smart back in the days when people thought the world was flat, that the sun moved across the earth, instead of the earth rotating, that it was the gods who created the weather, especially bad weather when the people were bad? And the Mayans who were on the Yucatan probably experienced some bad weather, especially during the hurricane season.
If so, I guess it’s time to get ready. Heading for the hills won’t do any good … the end of the world will mean the end of those caves, too.
A bucket list? Well, you’ve pretty much run out of days to do that. That upsets me. After all, I’ve waited all these years for Notre Dame to win a title, and now it won’t happen on Jan. 7, because the Mayans say there won’t be a Jan. 7 or a 2013.
The Mayans must have been Alabama Crimson Tide fans.
The folks in Cherrywood have it right. They’re having an “end of time” party tonight.
They also have a New Year’s Eve party coming, but our Cherrywood writer put it perfectly, telling people that if the Mayans were right, ignore the news item about New Year’s Eve.
Of course, you could go about your business in case nothing happens. It is the last weekend before Christmas, so head for the stores, start wrapping and start cooking those goodies. After all, it can’t hurt.
But let me say one last thing. In the outside case that the Mayans were wrong, all of us here at the West Marion Messenger and South Marion Citizen wish you a Merry Christmas.
We’ll be back next week … we hope.
Jim Clark is the editor of the South Marion Citizen.

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