God Bless America

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Letter to the editor by Jerry Segovis

By Jerry Segovis

I love my country and what it stands for. Most of what we do as Americans makes me feel very proud to live in a country that helps oppressed nations and rebuilds the lives of it’s people. In our role as a leader of the free world and as a leader of the United Nations, we must help protect people from all nations from the oppressors of the world.

As you love your children who do make mistakes, you support them and try to guide them to live their lives and not to allow these mistakes ruin their futures. My dilemma at this time in my life is that if I speak out against these policies that my country has been involved in I am looked at as being un-American. I feel that it is un-American not to allow differences of opinion to be expressed when you don’t agree with the direction your country is heading.

You should feel free to express your thoughts and support those with similar opinions and be able to speak out against those you disagree with. After all, this is America and many have fought and died for this right.

There are those in Washington who are voting against helping less fortunate Americans receive benefits to allow them to feed their families. Some of these politicians do not care what happens to their fellow countrymen but are only interested in their own political future and do not care who it hurts. To be a good Congressman you should feel that you must help all Americans and not just those who are lucky enough to have jobs.

Please contact your Congressmen, whether it is in the House of Representatives or in the Senate, and ask them and if necessary plead with them to act like Americans and help those in need so we can move our country forward. Our Congress must work together and forget their petty self serving policies and put country first.

Jerry Segovis