God and me 03-25-2011

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Letter to the editor by D.I. Larson

For the past several years I have been having chats with God.

The pool I frequent, with its retractable roof, makes a perfect outdoor cathedral. When the sun is just right, I even imagine now, then, that God gives a wink or two.

We have discussed many things, trivial as well as profound matters.

Lately things have hit an even more somber note.

My God is a loving God. My God wants humans to treat each other civilly. Not necessarily love each other, but, respect each other, and each other’s space. God also expects honesty, in all things, including government, and business.

One point God has made abundantly clear: When I reach the gates of heaven, God wants me in one piece. God wants none of God’s creatures to approach those gates with a severed head. And anyone doing the severing will definitely not gain entrance into heaven.

God is not cruel, vindictive, or barbaric. These things do not compute with the image, or nature of God. How could they?

God cries whenever there is a war, or, a holocaust. God told me so. Does God lie? I do not think so.

Should we care about these things? I think so.


D.I. Larson