Fulfilling your civic duty

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Letter to the editor by John Toner

For the last 40 years, allowing Floridians to update their legal names and addresses at the voting station was not a problem. With the passage of HB 1355, submitted by Rep. Baxley, Ocala, and signed by Gov. Scott  May 19, this procedure has drastically changed.

In these days of high unemployment, home foreclosures, moving, divorce and re-marriage, anyone caught up in any one of these unfortunate circumstances will be restricted from voting. You are now required to go to the Supervisor of Elections and have your records updated.

Now, think about this ridiculous law for one minute. If you are caught up in anyone of the above unfortunate situations, the last thing on your mind is updating your voting record, you are simply trying to survive. Along with these restrictions, HB 1355 reduces the convenience of early voting  by cutting the time from 15 days to eight days. This bill mainly affects ordinary working class people and college students caught up in tough economic times. Coincidentally, this same group of voters tend to vote Democrat and President Obama got Florida’s 27 electoral votes in 2008, now, do you see the whole picture?

This is nothing more than a deliberate plan designed to benefit Republicans and supress voting by minorities, college students and low income workers who just want to perform their civic duty by voting. What new voting law are they going to come up with next, literacy tests?

Is it any wonder that Florida holds the record for the most corrupt state government in the U.S. with 80 convictions per year since 1997.

John Toner