Follow the people’s wishes

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Letter to the editor by Alan Gold

Is Congress supposed to follow the wishes of the people or are the people supposed to follow the wishes of Congress? Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson listens to his people. Not everyone does.

House Republicans Rich Nugent, Cliff Stearns and Daniel Webster and Senate Republican Marco Rubio are trying to pass a bill to destroy your Medicare. They call it the Affordable Healthcare Bill. There is nothing affordable in it except the name.

General Electric made a profit of $26 billion and did not pay one penny in taxes. ExxonMobil made a profit of $19 billion and did not pay one penny in taxes. Many more corporations received billions in payouts from the Federal Reserve and the Treasury. All ordered by your Republicans in Congress.

Right now Republicans are eliminating your deduction for mortgage interest, taxing your healthcare benefits, and eliminating your tax exemption for 401k and much more.

The Republican Congress will take billions of dollars from U.S. working families so we become the only ones paying for the war. Now Republicans want us to also lose benefits in Medicare.

If you don’t do anything the Republican onslaught on Medicare will win and we will no longer have the Medicare we need. Everything we used to have will cost more out of our pocket. Doctor visits, tests ordered, and much more. People will have a limit on how much Medicare will pay each year. When they reach that limit there is no more Medicare until next year. Republican words make it sound nice like ‘equalizing Medicare benefits’ and ‘cutting waste for more benefits’. The actual provisions say “cut.”

You have a computer, look up the Affordable Healthcare Bill yourself. Or ask House Republican Clifford Stearns or Senate Republican Marco Rubio to send it to you very fast before they vote. Tell them what you want.

 If you don’t tell them what you want you will get what they want. Do you want them to represent you? Tell them!

Republican Congressman Cliff Stearns 352-351-8777.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio 1-866-630-7106.

Alan Gold