Flock voted out these lame ducks

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

Sometimes in politics, things happen that only a Consitutional amendment will solve.
That's the case with what's been going on in Congress the past couple of weeks.
It's called a lame duck session.
A little history here: According to Wikipedia, the phrase was coined in the 18th Century at the London Stock Exchange to refer to brokers who couldn't pay their debts. It alludes to a wounded duck who can't keep up with his flock, and therefore is more easily subject to predators.
The common usage is someone doing a job that they know they're not going to keep very long. For Congress, it means going into session between the election and the swearing in of new legislators in January.
Basically, they still have the power, but a lot of them won't be around to answer for any decisions they make.
The election is in early November, and the Congress takes office in January. In years gone by, it took newly elected officials a long time to make the trek to Washington.
Now, it takes just a few hours or less by jet.
Here in Marion County, we saw the election of two new county commissioners. At the first meeting after the election, they were sworn in and took office. The new School Board members took office quickly, also.
That's the way it should be.
It would probably take an amendment, but we see no reason why Congress should be allowed to meet with the outgoing members after Election Day. These people are not coming back to Congress, so they should leave immediately. Swear in the new Congress as soon as possible, surely within a couple of weeks, and then let them go on about the nation's business.
We are now seeing lame ducks who not only can't keep up with the flock, they don't seem to care that the flock voted them out. Their feathers are ruffled and, by golly, they're going to keep pushing their agenda right up to the last minute.
That's not good for the country, and it's not right for the voters. Let's see what we can do to change the policy.