Fiscal insanity

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Letter to the editor by Wayne Rackley

By Wayne Rackley

Most of us, despite our political differences, have some sense of responsibility when it comes to government programs that make a mockery of money management by approving projects that are a total waste of our tax dollars. We expect our tax dollars to be spent on worthwhile programs. These politicians, regardless of party, who have no regard to their duty to make the most of our tax dollars, need to be exposed and voted out of office.

The perfect example of tax dollar waste has just been passed of which every citizen should be aware and told what politician was responsible for such obscene nonsense. We are spending $875,000 on a program for Africa to teach African men how to properly wash their genitals following sex. How could anyone agree with this misuse of our tax dollars? Let’s find out who was responsible and vote them out, now!

I have no problem with individuals making charitable donations to help any cause they see fit, however to waste our tax money on such total nonsense is not only disgraceful, it is disgusting!

We have now reached a point that the federal government is totally out of control, taking on responsibilities that go well beyond Constitutional authority. What is next? If we are not careful, we will be losing our American sovereignty, coming under a global, one-world government. Our country was not founded on these ideals and we need to immediately stop this trend .

I still believe that most Americans do not want this type leadership. We still believe in our free enterprise system, states’ rights and sovereignty.

More than 70 percent of us still claim to be Christian, and believe that we are a blessed nation. If you want to continue going in the present direction, that is your right, but at least stand up and admit it. Georgia Sen. Russell once said,

“A Government that is capable of giving all you want is capable of taking all you have,” and guess what, he was a Democrat who loved America.

May God continue to bless America, the land of the free, where we salute our flag and love our National Anthem.

Wayne Rackley