Even hookers are joining ranks of the unemployed

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By The Staff

The Bush administration has finally departed, leaving behind much death and devastation in its wake. More than 4,000 dead young Americans and more than 30,000 wounded in Iraq.

Furthermore, we have had eight years of unbridled, deregulated capitalism unleashed upon us and what have we achieved with that – a whole new class has been created. It is called the super rich.

Not satisfied with being merely rich or even millionaires, they are superstar rich and untouchable. And the rest of us poor suckers are starving to death.

All throughout this administration we heard the trumpets blare for this “global economy,” world trade agreements, cheap labor overseas, and inferior toxic products dumped upon our shores. And what has that accomplished but a “global recession” and we all go down together. If that is faith-based economics, the atheists have just won another one.

And let us not forget the perils of privatization of Medicare with new insurance companies springing up everywhere. Just try to file a claim. And the privatization of Walter Reed Army Hospital, which turned it into a pig sty, with a general who didn’t care a damn.

And then there was the bumbling cronyism at FEMA that left thousands of Americans in need of food, water and medical care abandoned for weeks after Hurricane Katrina.

And then there was the lunacy at Homeland Security and its Technicolor alerts while our borders were left wide open. The crowning jewel in this policy of wide open borders was the arrest and conviction of two border patrol guards for shooting at an illegal Mexican drug smuggler and his van loaded with 700 pounds of marijuana. Do you really believe that any Mexican drug smuggler is unarmed?

A minor footnote here is American border patrol guard Aquilar, who was murdered in cold blood. His killer is still free in Mexico, apparently eluding the Mexican police as well as our Justice Department.

The pandering and groveling to the Mexican government by the Bush administration can only lead us to assume that we are the United States of Mexico and our sovereignty is merely a myth.

But then drug smuggling is the billion-dollar growth industry in Mexico and we must not interfere with such prosperity for the sake of justice – all of which brings us to the billion-dollar growth industry in the U.S.A. – namely pornography.

Yes, in the midst of such tragic reports of 7 percent unemployment, 3 million foreclosures, and bank failures, the ever vigilant American Civil Liberties Union went to the Supreme Court and got those distinguished judges to overturn the ban on kiddie porn on the Internet on the grounds that it is “free speech.”

One can hardly call the abuse and exploitation of children “free speech.” Apparently, the Supreme Court, immersed in its law books instead of humanity, can.

Nevertheless, there is a small glimmer of hope. And that is the brothels in Europe are losing business and several in the more flamboyant red light districts have closed down. Just another casualty of this worldwide global recession.

Doesn’t that just move you to tears for all those poor working girls joining the ranks of the unemployed? Perhaps what those girls need is a union. Do you suppose the UAW can help them? After all, they have kept the dinosaurs of Detroit going for years. But then again, all they really need is just another government bailout of the brothels.

After all, according to the ACLU and the Supreme Court, it is all a lot of “free speech.”

Helen Bader

Oak Run

Disassemble the

money machine?

The supposed Democracy model for our national government is busted. It’s corrupt. The supposed free enterprise models for our national businesses are also busted. They are bankrupt. The supposed freedom of the press model for our national news media has been destroyed. They can now be bought.

Since the Reagan presidency in 1981, these three perverted models have been perfecting a conspiracy that’s achieved sufficient power to disrupt our nation’s economy.

The government, in particular the Congress, provides economic advantages and opportunities to selected entrepreneurs, businessmen and industries. The selected entrepreneurs, businessmen and industries provide selected congressmen, and their party, with considerable funds to insure improved opportunities for re-election and the retention of power.

The businesses and industries also give their considerable advertising funds to selected news and entertainment media to insure their products, their politicians and their parties are all favorably shown to the consuming, voting, taxpaying public.

These conspirators have developed a large well-planned money machine that requires inputs from each member of the product consuming, taxpaying public. Greed is its driving force and as history shows, greed is self-destructive.

Our current economic crisis resulted from a new get- rich scheme by the entrepreneurs and businessmen. Their scheme required the input of more money than we, the public, could provide, so the machine failed. We, and our descendants, must now pay to have it rebuilt.

The blame for the machine’s creation and failure is so widespread among the congressmen and businessmen who profited from its operation, that any chance for criminal charges against them is doubtful. Any opportunity for corrective actions to prevent the future occurrence of such scams is also bleak.

The obvious fix is to level the playing field for both the politicians and the businessmen. All congressional candidates receive the same funding for campaign expenses. No business or industry receives any special government considerations.

However, the creation of these new conditions would require many new laws from the Congress.

Do you remember what “fat chance” means?

Bill Farthing


Only change will bring

peace and prosperity

President Obama will have a much different beginning for his term in office than President Bush did when he began his term of office after the Clinton years.

President Bush had a big advantage by starting after eight years of Democratic leadership where the economy was humming along, good jobs were plentiful, the world was at peace and the national deficit was being paid down. The Republicans will never agree to these facts but all you have to do is look back at America in 2001, and look at America today after eight years under President Bush and his Republican administration.

We cannot continue to shovel taxpayer money at the banking industry, which is nothing more than a hungry furnace that never tires of burning. These industrial giants have proven to be unreliable and uncaring about Americans in trouble and who are about to lose their homes. Their main concern seems to be only about the riches they can provide themselves.

We are presently in two unnecessary wars that were both wars of choice and we are bleeding our treasury dry. We no longer have an economy that supports America because we no longer manufacture products that the world will purchase and that provided good-paying jobs for our people.

We are left with a minimum wage economy and we can no longer pay our bills or provide a decent living for our families. Can you remember when we were proud to be an American and we were deeply respected around the world by all nations whether they be friend or foe?

Change is on the way, to again become a world leader again and bring our country and the rest of the world to peace and prosperity.

Jerry Segovis