Equipment thefts continued along Corridor

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Sheriff's reports

By Jim Clark

Following a recent report of a theft of equipment from the back of a truck which was parked outside a local restaurant, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office is listing two more thefts involving equipment.

One such theft occurred at the Lowe’s parking lot on Saturday, Sept. 19, about noon. A local worker stopped to get supplies for his business and later noticed that a blower had been removed from the back of his truck. According to the report, it was valued at $173.

Officer Edward Graham investigated.

Construction workers at Stone Creek discovered a missing piece of equipment when they arrived on Thursday, Sept. 17, in the morning. Taken was a “Jumping Jack Tamper,” which is a motorized tool used to tamp the ground to make it firm. The tool was valued at $2,000 and the engine used to operate it at $928.

The item was last seen Tuesday evening and could have been taken anytime by truck before the theft was discovered. The tool weighed approximately 400 pounds.

Officer Doreen Sexton investigated.

An auto burglary was reported on Saturday, Sept. 19, at Circle Square Plaza. A witness entered the bar where the victim was sitting and said that a car was being burglarized. The man went outside and noticed his car alarm was going off. The rear window on the driver’s side had been smashed, and apparently an I-phone, worth $300, was missing, in addition to a backpack filled with new schoolbooks valued at $1,800 that was missing from the back seat.

Officer Sidney Porter investigated.

Kristina Marie Holtz, 32, of Northwest 155th Street, Citra, was accused of DUI after being stopped in the 9500 block of Southwest 49th Avenue Sept. 14 at approximately 8 p.m. by Officer Micah Moore. She gave breath readings of .148 and .144 alcohol level.

Jose Antonio Correa, 71, of Southwest 81st Street, Ocala, was accused of DUI after being stopped Sept. 18 by Officer Yobanny Valdez at about 1:15 a.m. for driving the wrong way in the northbound lanes of Southwest 60th Avenue. After being taken to jail, he refused to submit a sample of his breath.

 Robert T. Kirsch, 71, of Southwest 67th Terrace, Ocala, was accused of DUI after being stopped for failing to stay in a single lane.  After being taken to jail, he gave breath readings of .122 and .131. Officer John Gernert investigated after another deputy made the traffic stop.

 Joshua K. Owsley, 32, of Southwest 57th Terrace Road, was accused of DUI after being stopped by Officer Micah Moore. After being arrested and taken to jail, he gave breath readings of .254 and .246.