Equal, not better 03-18-2011

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Letter to the editor by Wayne Rackley

The argument public employees are making indicates they are not even aware  of what Gov. Scott and so many others are saying. They act like they are not appreciated for the job they are doing which is wrong on all accounts. No one is saying this, what is being said is what I can address with one simple question: Why should public employees receive better compensation packages than those in the private sector? Having to pay something for your benefits is not a new concept reserved for them. It comes down to individual responsibility and not expecting others to pay our way. I invite any and all responses to explain why equal benefits are not fair as stated above. Equal is better!

          Regardless of who is your employer, they must make a profit to continue their business and if they can’t make it for any reason, included employee overhead, the doors will someday close. Our state, along with many others, is having to deal with more going out than coming in, therefore expenses must be cut. The answer is not raising our taxes above present levels, that’s why Gov. Scott is making so much sense.

          We need programs designed to appeal to business opportunities here in Florida and that is one of his primary goals. The idea of public employees needing to be in a union is a subject being addressed in many areas of our country and rightfully so. Only about 11 percent of Americans in the private sector belong to any union, so apparently most believe that someone who is good at what they do doesn’t need a union looking out for them. Every employer wants good employees and wants the right to get rid of the unproductive ones, that is the way free enterprise works best. Unfortunately, unions protect the unproductive and that fact has been validated on many occasions. I am looking forward to having anyone explain the error of equal but not better compensation.

God Bless.

Wayne Rackley