Enough already

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Letter to the editor by Jeanette Bibb

By The Staff

Thank goodness you finally printed an article such as “Constant negativity needs replacement.” Much more needs to be published regarding positives along with solutions to our current problems. I, as well as others, have stopped reading Robert Beckner’s and D.L.’s articles.

Please, D.L., put your “Tea Party” rallies in the upcoming meeting section and not in pastors’ ears. Most individuals do not disagree with you regarding religious people having the right to their opinions, protests and voting; however, its place is not in the pastors’ hands to tell people who to vote for. Certainly they can pray for peace, our country, troops and our souls, etc., but once again, it is against the law to mix tax-exempt churches and politics.

Enough already with your constant published crusade as it will surely backfire on you and become meaningless as more and more people become annoyed with your propaganda. It would be great if you and Mr. Beckner would read Norman Vince Peale’s (a pastor) “The Power of Positive Thinking” to harness your anger and negativity.

Jeanette Bibb