Emancipation Day means later deadline 04-08-2011

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

The irony of the name can’t be ignored. This year, you don’t have to pay your taxes until Monday, April 18, because Washington, D.C., is observing Emancipation Day on Friday, April 15, which is the normal tax filing date.

Actually, Emancipation Day is April 16, honoring the day Abraham Lincoln signed the Compensated Emancipation Act in 1862, but when it falls on a Saturday, it’s observed on Friday. Don’t ever doubt that our federal bureaucrats will find a way to celebrate a holiday on a normal workday.

By law, because Washington has a holiday on April 15, the IRS deadline has to be changed.

So here we are celebrating “Emancipation” by not having to pay our taxes … at least not that day.

That’s little consolation.

A couple of years ago some of us thought that maybe the “Fair Tax” idea, a national sales tax, would catch on and bring elimination of the IRS, but although speakers keep making presentations, it’s obvious that this movement is going nowhere, at least not in our lifetime.

That means, if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to get out those W-2 forms and Social Security forms and 1040 forms and the calculator and get to work. You may feel emancipated for those three days, but April 18 will arrive soon enough.