Educating who? 01-28-2011

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Letter to the editor by D.I. Larson

By D.I. Larson

The president keeps spouting about spending money to improve education.

My question is: Where is the fodder coming from to be educated?

Has anyone taken note of what is available for education?

How about the sterling specimens on the “Skins,” “Jersey Shore,” “Lady Gaga?” Without a doubt, they will make outstanding scientists, mathematicians, teachers, astronauts, and physicians.

Looking forward to being treated by, a drug, or alcohol saturated, or hedonistic physician. Can you imagine the math, and science we are going to see from these individuals? But, the thing I am looking forward to, most, is a flight with a pilot from this group. Wheeee!

With so many citizens caught up in the drug, alcohol, and sex culture, where will we find students capable of attending college? And excelling? Foreigners?

Has America fallen so far into a state of decay that we cannot recover? Show me the students.

Just because we have thrown out the Ten Commandments, and the Seven Deadly Sins, does not make things OK. Disgusting behavior is disgusting behavior, even without, the Ten Commandments, or sin.

Or, am I the only person bothered by this slovenly, hedonistic behavior? Does anyone see this as wholesome, productive, scholarly behavior?

“Yo dude, what be wrong with you today? Take an aspirin, and call me in da morning, if you live. $200, please?

College material? You be the judge?

D.I. Larson