Earth Day, 2009

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By The Staff

When the first Earth Day was celebrated 39 years ago on April 22, it was mostly an occasion for school children to learn a little more about growing things. Today, it’s more about making sure we have a place that will sustain growing things.

Our oceans are over-fished, our land is over-used, and our earth is over-populated. Global warming may drastically change the way we live, and, indeed, even be able to live, if some forecasts come true.

Like so many other programs in the past year, Earth Day will be all about “being green”, and has adopted as its theme the Green Generation campaign.

Certainly the theme is appropriate for Earth Day and recalls the spirit that started the observance of Earth Day when participants held demonstrations across the country to demand protection for the land, air and water.

In other words, the observance of Earth Day came about as the result of concerted environmentalist action.

Many programs will take place around the country in observance of Earth Day. There will be clean-up days for our waterways, programs in schools that stress environmental projects, and television programs centered on environmental issues and possible solutions to some of the problems.

Greening projects can include energy audits, the creation of gardens, taking a recyclable bag to the grocery store instead of using the plastic or paper the store furnishes, encouraging members of your club to bring their own coffee cups to meetings in order to do away with paper cups, especially Styrofoam.

Perhaps one of the most visible signs of the trashing of our environment, every day, is the accumulation of debris on our roadways. It takes such little effort to take trash home to a container, but an uncaring group can’t be bothered. And there will be groups out on Earth Day, cleaning up after the careless.

Our world needs care. Some things are beyond our control as individuals, but there are many things where we can make a difference.

Don’t waste water. Don’t pollute water. Don’t throw trash on our highways and byways.

Recycle clothes and books and newspapers.

Replace your light bulbs with the new  compact fluorescent light bulbs  that use 75 percent less energy and last about 10 times longer than an incadescent bulb.

Relax in your back yard more often and save gas and the pollution it causes.

Earth Day is a good time to become more aware of all we, as individuals, can do to make a difference.

Celebrate the Day – and incorporate the teachings into your life.