Dream Act is a nightmare

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Letter to the editor by Jerry Segovis

The last time that a poll was taken concerning the Dream Act, a full 60 percent of Americans were against legalizing 15 million workers who came into this country illegally. These illegal immigrants not only came into this country illegally they are taking work away from Americans who are trying to support their families with any kind of work they can get.

The longer our country continues to cut its budget by eliminating jobs, these improper practices allow us to look into the near future and see education and services disappear along with our paychecks. Americans without jobs do not pay income taxes to help support our country and only become a liability to our local and national economy.

It seems that illegal immigrants have more support from our politicians who show little regard for American workers who are receiving little help from these elected officials. Even our president seems to be making his new priority to allow illegal immigrants to receive benefits such as education and job training over Americans to show what a wonderful and non-discriminating country we are.

The real Dream Act should be to protect our borders and allow those born in the United States to realize the American dream of providing for ourselves and our families before we give this dream to those born in foreign countries. 

Jerry Segovis