Double dog dare

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Letter to the editor by Arthur Reed

MarionCountycommissioners cannot be serious about bringing back a two-kill rule for dangerous dogs before they are "classified" as "dangerous."

Every dog has its day, Marion County wants to give them two at the expense of possible human death. Being in your own back yard may cost you your life. The dog that killed your neighbor's pet two weeks ago will get a second chance in your yard to harm your pet or your family.

The Marion County commissioners may be planning to pass two kills very quietly next month. It seems they are afraid of lawsuits brought on by owners of dangerous dogs.

Apparently, private property and freedom to enjoy your property have nothing to do with law breaking dog owners who let their dogs run. The commissioners seem to be representing dogs instead of protecting the citizens of Marion County. Go ahead commissioners and enjoy your nightmares of limbless children and adults dying an agonizing death due to dog attacks. Shame on all of you if you allow the two-kill rule to come to pass.

Arthur Reed   

Pine Run