Don't point fingers 01-21-2011

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Letter to the editor by Wayne Rackley

     Some in the news media and some writing editorials are making themselves look very foolish as they take a tragedy and try to turn it into a political event. The unfortunate shooting in Arizona was the act of a lone “mad man” without any apparent political agenda. This has been verified by those who resisted jumping to conclusions for their ownpolitical purposes. Shame on anyone who accuses others of wrong doing and puts blame on anyone but the shooter. This makes them look foolish as the charges are being made without any merit whatsoever.  The sad fact is we have such mindsets right here in our community.

     Watch the efforts being made to silence Talk Radio, slam Fox News and the Tea Parties, even naming individuals, as the haters do not want a crisis going to waste. The very ones being accused are on record for promoting their cause in a non-violent, peaceful manner.  The shooter apparently didn’t belong to or even listen to any of these organizations or individuals. He was a loner who had a personal grudge against the congress woman and had it for some time.  

     Taking cheap shots at those who disagree with your personal beliefs shows ignorance and all should know better. Conservatives fight their battles at the ballot box and as evidenced by the last election, most of America agrees with the conservative agenda.

     A major concern I have is that we tend to over react to tragic events instead of recognizing he acted on his own. Because he was a mad man doesn’t mean we are raising a generation just like him. We don’t need to create a “bubble boy” mentality.  Americans throughout this land are saddened by this type violence and it’s up to families, moms and dads, to raise their children to show old fashioned “respect” in their dealings with others.

     Leaving God out of your lives certainly doesn’t help the family, our schools or our great Nation. May God continue to bless America in spite of our failings.


Wayne Rackley