Don’t the greedy killers know that if we go, so do they?

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By Wendy Binnie

Does a week go by that we’re not requested to sign a petition to save some animal species or requested to donate towards some great animal cause like the whales, the great apes, the Pacific salmon, the wolves, the polar bears, etcetera, etcetera and so forth?

All of these causes are very worthwhile, but in our zeal to make sure that everything is protected, we’ve forgotten one thing — us. Who is penning the petition or asking for money to save people? (Not including specific diseases.)

Not the government or any special organization — despite the fact that there are literally hundreds of them for everything imaginable — from the smallest of creatures to pachyderms. The facts are while some of us keep giving generously, we forget ourselves.

The truth is we are an endangered species. Everything possible has been done or left undone to see that we are included in the next wipe out — whether it comes from an explosion on the sun, flooding, earthquake, disease, a black hole that we didn’t know about or even something as prosaic as being belted by an asteroid.

Most of the dangers we face are the result of our own folly. We cannot continually release CO2 into the environment without something changing. Now, except for the grouchy diehards, we know that global warming is a reality. And please forget those famous special interests who are still trying to convince us that it’s not true, or implementation of curbs will make Al Gore rich.

All these “no’s” despite the fact that water levels keep getting higher and new forms of disease are upon us migrating from the tropics. What does it take? A secret report was prepared for the previous administration which, we don’t know if it was read, stated that there were serious threats of flooding facing Europe which could lead to mass starvation. And that, by the way, is due to happen within the next two-to-three decades. And what is being done to ward it off? Nothing, of course. In fact, government and the private sector have done their best to help it along.

Our military feels fine with dumping rusted 55 gallon drums of toxic materials into the breeding grounds of krill and plankton, the lynchpins in the aquatic food chain. The supposedly educated ones talk endlessly about clean coal while not doing anything about it while levels of pollutants enter the air and water at alarming rates.

NAFTA made it possible for Canada to sell us “cleaners” for petroleum products that actually enter the aquifer and poison it. There is a thousand mile black cloud over China that comes back every summer and is headed towards the U.S. Our water is not fit to drink.

Business and industry pollute the rivers and streams. Mutated frogs and other aquatic life are commonplace but nobody gets the message, or seems to care; even though frogs are considered the equivalent of canaries in the mines.

The butterflies and other species are disappearing because they sip from artificial corn that is mixed up with the real stuff; not to mention the disappearing pollinators — the bees. Girls are reaching puberty faster because they consume the steroids and hormones that go into milk. And on and on.

In short, it seems that the hucksters, marketers, government and industry are doing all they can to wipe us out as soon as possible.

Where does it end? We don’t know; with knowledge? But it should be clear to most that if we don’t do something, only the insects will be left. Nothing keeps them from spreading and evolving. So, maybe it’s not such a bad idea to think about putting a petition together to remember that man needs a little tender loving care, too, in addition to all those wonderful species that we seem to be losing faster than we are able to keep track of.

Perhaps we could start a little group, call it the Save Ourselves Society — S.O.S. for short. We would get newsletters saying why we shouldn’t bury diapers and Twinkies in the hillside because they will never go away. (The average Twinkie is said to have a half life of 500 years!) And if that doesn’t get you, the plastic bags will. They seem to be everywhere carried across the seas by strong winds and are responsible for killing fish and sea birds.

Add ‘six-pack’ plastic rings to the murderous bags toll.

So, if for no other reason than why destroy our home for money, it makes sense to see that mankind survives because among all of the earth’s creatures, we’re the only ones who can do something about the mess we’ve allowed to be created. Something to think about in the age of dwindling everything.

How does anyone like the idea of being complicit in their own demise? Sure fits in with the Islamists’ plans; only it affects them, too. Well, we can’t have everything – and come to think of it, maybe the flora and fauna deserve the earth more than do we.

As I was saying . . .

Wendy England Binnie a writer and op/ed columnist lives in Oak Trace Villas.