Dog owner responsibility 03-18-2011

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Letter to the editor by A.J. Reed

A law is already on the books concerning a dog trespassing on private property and killing a pet on its own property.

Why would any reasonable person want this to happen twice? It is truly heartbreaking to see your much loved and cared for pet to be murdered in this fashion. Marion County commissioners are being pressured to let this occur again on your property by the same dog before being classified as "dangerous."

Many people came to the previous commission meetings to tell sad instances of beloved pets and children being attacked in their own yards by dogs illegally off their own property.

I just can't believe all this "nit picking" going on that is fashioned to protect irresponsible dog owners that can't or won't socialize their pets.

What kind of victory is it when people agree to let dog owners break the law by letting the dog run free to kill or maim twice. Why would they think it all right to let their dog kill a pet or hurt a child? These dog owners are not the only ones who love their pets or children.

By the way, I have owned and loved many pets including a dog that never hurt or killed anyone, people or other pets. Call me "responsible."

Let's use common sense in Marion County to keep it safe for all.


A J Reed

Pine Run