Does this UF team deserve a bowl invitation?

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Column by Jim Clark

Sitting there Saturday night watching the Florida-FSU football game, I really got tired of hearing the announcers proclaim Florida bowl eligible.
Let me ask you: Does this team really deserve to be invited to a bowl game? Is a 6-6 record enough to send a school on a bowl trip?
The propaganda coming out of Gainesville is that it will give the Gators much more practice for the young players to get ready for next season. One announcer said “It’s like having an extra spring practice.”
Funny, I always thought a bowl invitation was a reward for the players for having a good season.
And if the bowl game is to be used as plenty of practice for next year, does that mean that all the Gator seniors are done? Will only underclassmen play the bowl game and practice for the next few weeks, since it’s providing extra practice for next year? Will the seniors even make the trip?
Who am I kidding? It’s all about winning, and it’s all about the money … nothing else. Forget these lofty proclamations … the school won six games, became bowl eligible, and will get an invitation somewhere, probably Jacksonville, because the Gators “travel well” and the school will get a good payout.
And that’s all that anyone cares about. The fans will go to the game, the students will hold up fingers proclaiming that they’re No. 1.
No. 1 belongs to the winner of the national championship game. Unfortunately, it’s looking more and more as if that will be either LSU or Alabama, a game I surely don’t want to see again. I’m lobbying for Oregon against Houston if they both win their conference titles. I know that won’t happen.
But the Gators? Let them stay home and root for Billy Donovan’s basketball team. A 6-6 record shouldn’t qualify a team to go bowling.
As for me, I’m a Notre Dame fan … you know, the school that was smart enough to fire Charlie Weis. The Irish finished 8-4 and I’m anxious to see what bowl they get to. With that record and a number of close losses, they deserve it.
Jim Clark is the editor of the South Marion Citizen. He can be reached at editor@smcitizen.com or at 352-854-3986.