Do you like the change?

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Letter to the editor by Wayne Rackley

In communicating with an old high school friend, we talked of how great it was to grow up when we did. We didn’t have much in the way of material things but we were rich in so many ways. Our parents not only knew where we were but told us what we were to be doing. We respected all authority and knew to say “yes sir and yes ma’am.” When the teacher said to sit, we sat, when the bell rang, we hurried to the next class. We proudly recited the Pledge and joined in prayer, and we knew our America was the greatest country in the world.

Our culture has developed over centuries of struggles by millions of men and women who have fought for our freedom. Most of us believe in God, know that we were founded as a Christian nation and have been blessed throughout our history. With this comes responsibility, knowing we are to provide for ourselves and our families.  We have always had different ethnic groups, races and income classes, but we all considered ourselves Americans. Why would we want this to change?

Look around today and see if you like what is happening. We have a large percentage of us believing our government has the responsibility to take care of them, how dare we mention God in our schools or other public places, and a serious lack of respect for parents, teachers and most others in positions of authority. Babies are being born who will never know the identity of their fathers.  Last but not least, we are going broke as government is trying to be all things to all people.

When looking around today, the most enthusiastic group I see throughout America is our Tea Parties. We believe in God, individual responsibility and opportunity, our Constitution, state sovereignty, we love America and still get a tear in our eyes when saluting our flag and singing our national anthem. We love to sing “God Bless The USA” and put our hand to our heart when reciting the Pledge, and remove our hats.

It’s interesting to see those who oppose our Tea Parties calling us racists despite having no evidence to support that claim. I wonder how many of them will support Herman Cain if he runs against Obama? If liberals have nothing else to say, they must feel the need to play the race card and that is so sad and frankly is getting old.

It would be interesting to hear a liberal outline just what part of the Tea Party’s agenda and love of country they object to.  If you want to destroy our Capitalistic system, our constitutional form of government, preferring Socialism/Communism, say so and say it proudly. I’m proud to say that yes, I want to take our America back!

Wayne Rackley