Do it yourself

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Letter to the editor by D.I. Larson

Where are the leaders of Marion County: political,s, and economic? Come out, come out wherever you are!

Do these leaders have any allegiance, concern, or loyalty to Marion County, any interest in seeing Marion County prosper? Why must any community sit like fledglings in a nest waiting to be fed by others?

What did the founders do? There was no one to help them. They did it themselves. Are we any less capable?

Isn’t there enough brain power, brawn power, and money (we may need to raise a little investment capital) to rescue this county on our own? Or, do we continue to wait for the business fairy to show up?

Why do we sit with our “Woe is me” attitude? There are so many overpriced, faulty (really bad), poorly designed, inferior quality products on the market. Surely, we can find something to make cheaper, and of a better quality than we currently import. This is how we fight back.

When America exported goods, they were of a superior quality. We strove for quality. That ethic no longer exists among the exporters of today. We import high priced junk. This is fiscal rape.

May I suggest a product? For 50 years I have driven a top of the line luxury car, and never had to have a gasket replaced. Within the past year, three small gaskets needed to be replaced, to the tune of $3,000. Surely, we can once again make a quality gasket.

The list of products could go on ad infinitum until it reached book length.

Today’s export countries want to get rich quick, and we are their patsy.

Our do it yourself America, or, Marion County attitude: What ever happened to that? The gauntlet is thrown, who will pick it up?

D.I. Larson