Coyotes and rabbits taking up residence near Palm Cay

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By Fiona Blair

Hello Readers: Welcome to warmer weather! Perhaps we can put away the woollies for another year. Now we are able to think of gardening and all the pretty flowers to plant in our yards!

Our pets

Have you noticed there are more coyotes visiting our back yards these days and getting bolder?

We infringe on their habitat, so they have to go somewhere. However, it would be devastating to loose a beloved pet, so please keep cats and dogs inside.

We know of three cats looking for a very good home. Please contact this writer if you know of anyone who perhaps has lost a pet and wishes to have another one or someone just wanting company!

One of our residents, Nilsa Pappas, had an invasion of bunny rabbits in her yard the other day. She had let her dogs out at 4:30 a.m. into the small confine of the fenced yard, and lo and behold, a bunny had somehow come inside. This happened a couple of times and after calling the dogs inside, Nilsa was able to retrieve the terrified rabbit that had nestled into a pile of leaves, and gently lifted it over the fence. Another time, however, was more difficult…. A bunny had become stuck in the fence and it took Nilsa’s brother-in-law to cut the fence so the bunny could be saved. It was slightly injured, and they left it outside the fence in some leaves, and a few hours later checked on it, and found it had recovered and run away.

Blood Drive

An FYI reminder that the Big Red Bus will be at the Oasis on Wednesday, March 18 from 8 a.m. to noon. Please do not drink tea or coffee before donating; however, afterwards enjoy a ‘cuppa’ with Jim and Marilyn in the card room .…  as always, your gift is so much appreciated.

Wednesday Night Social

We are so fortunate to have the ‘Big Sun Chorus’ visit us this Wednesday, March 18 at 7 p.m. For $2 just sit back and enjoy the lilting Irish melodies that are so familiar sung in a barber-shop type chorus. Palm Cay resident, Bob Burk, is a member of this group. Refreshments will be served following the performance.

Floral City

Strawberry Festival

Residents from Palm Cay along with friends from Pine Run had a ‘berry’ good time at the Floral City Strawberry Festival last weekend. It was early Saturday morning when everyone gathered at the Oasis and teamed up for the short 30 minute ride. The group first stopped in Floral City to enjoy breakfast at a favorite spot where the ‘Thrills on Wheels’ bicycle group generally eats during their rides. After breakfast, it was off for another short ride to the festival.

Many crafts and vintage cars of yesteryear immediately caught the attention of the group ... however, the main event was finding ... and eating ... a large bowl of whipped cream covered strawberries.

Gabby Hatters

Our monthly meeting was at the clubhouse on Friday, Feb 27. Queen Mother Lois Barber, and member Julie Hoyt read from some of their favorite poems. Lois also passed out our roster for the coming months with updated names and addresses of our members. Charlotte Steif read the Treasurer’s report.

We went to the Olive Garden in Ocala for our luncheon. The food there is good as well as the service. Pat Dunkelman was the hostess for this month. She treated us to meringue candies and chocolates! We are planning to go to the Culinary Institute in Inverness in November. It should be an enjoyable trip. Written by Pia Pellicano

Harry Chambers forwarded this picture of the “Thrills on Wheels” group and their friends when they went to the Strawberry Festival in Floral City this past Saturday.

They are always looking for more people to join in the fun, and they really get to see the quiet side of our world as they venture out onto the paved trails, many of which are canopied, in the surrounding area.

Until next time……..

There is box in the library at the Oasis for residents to place their newsy tidbits, group activity information, travels, etc. I am listed in the Palm Cay directory or e-mail to fiona-blair@hotmail.com. Fiona Blair lives quietly with her feline friends, Sir Thomas, Sir Gerold, and adopted mom to Lady Lucinda. Her interests include walking, swimming, calligraphy, old movies …