Covenant changes are mandated

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By Rog Patterson

Changes in Florida State Statute 720 make it necessary to revise our Marion Landing Covenants to conform with the new rules and regulations. Our Architectural Control and Documents committees have been working long and hard to bring our covenants up to snuff and want to share their progress with you.

So …  mark your ever lovin’ calendars for a Jan. 9 workshop to review proposed covenant changes.

Then add Jan. 27 and 28 meetings, at which members of both committees will explain changes to six sections in Article III of our present covenants. These proposed changes have to do with satellite dishes, antennas and aerials, fences, improvements to residences and lots, uniform fixtures, restrictions on lease of residential property, and parking.

Finally, make a note of Feb. 6, when a special members meeting will be held to vote these changes into our covenants. You will also have had an opportunity to read more about these meetings and their purpose in your January newsletter.

Jim’s Quarter Collection

Two years ago Jim Pohlers became the man to see if you wanted the new state quarters. As they were minted, Jim’s connections provided enough for every Marion Landing enthusiast.

His daughter, Debi, decided her dad’s completed collection deserved a final resting place … so she made it. Now that Jim has all 50 quarters, they are displayed in a splendid manner. They are displayed in a handmade, wooden plaque in the shape of an American eagle.

December Social

Thanks to our activities director, Pam, and the abundance of Broadway wannabes living in our fair community, the tradition of entertainment at each Tuesday morning social during December continues to flourish. Okay, some might say the free coffee and donuts attracts them also, but I don’t think that’s even worthy of mention.

We are very fortunate to have the many talented singers, dancers and thespians among our residents who continue to assure Marion Landing remains a unique and fun address.

Did You Know?

Did you know that no piece of paper can be folded in half more than seven times? Oh, go ahead ... I’ll wait.

Rog Patterson is a Marion Landing resident and Friendship Kiwanis Club member. Contact him with news for the column, he’s in the Landing phone directory.