County pushes recycling

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In two short weeks, the festive whirlwind of the wintertime holidays will be over. Many homes will be left with trash bags full of wrapping paper and holiday newspaper ads, a bare and brittle Christmas tree and several strands of burned out lights. But wait, don’t haul this holiday clutter to the garbage can just yet.
“During the holidays, residents throw away more material than any other time of the year,” Solid Waste director Mike Sims said. “We want to encourage residents to recycle as much of that holiday waste as possible.”
Most post-holiday waste is recyclable and accepted at Marion County’s 18 recycling centers:
Live Christmas trees with all decorations removed (accepted in the yard waste section of the centers).
Gift boxes, wrapping paper and other paper packaging (remove tape, ribbons and other decorations).
Cards, magazines and catalogs.
Plastics marked #1-5 and #7 (Styrofoam, plastic bags and plastic toys and furniture are not accepted).
Glass, aluminum, and metal cans and containers (cleaned prior to disposal).
Each of Marion County’s recycling centers offers single-stream recycling, so all household recyclables can be tossed into the same container; there’s no need to separate items by type.
If you are gifted new electronics, don’t throw away your old ones. Recycle electronics such as televisions, radios, computer monitors and even Christmas lights at the special post-holiday electronics recycling event on Jan. 9, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., at the McPherson Government Complex, 601 SE 25th Ave., Ocala. Residents also may recycle electronics year-round at the Baseline, Dunnellon, Forest Corner, Fort McCoy, Martel, Newton and Weirsdale recycling centers.
Marion County recycling centers are open to residents of unincorporated Marion County. Electronics recycling events are open to residents of unincorporated Marion County and the City of Ocala. Residents who live outside the county or within other municipalities can take advantage of these opportunities and use the recycling centers all year long with purchase of a recycling center permit. For more information, visit www.marioncountyfl.org/solidwaste or call 352-671-8465.