Code Red: You get the truth

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

One of the great lines of any movie comes from “A Few Good Men,” when Jack Nicholson is being trapped into saying he ordered a “Code Red” against an inferior Marine. He shouts out, “You can’t handle the truth.”

In Marion County, Code Red has a different meaning, and it means you get the truth from emergency officials.

Phones all over the county were ringing late Tuesday morning as the emergency management folks conducted an annual test of the “Code Red” system. It’s like a reverse 9-1-1, where the officials call you, and you get a recorded announcement of an upcoming emergency, be it a storm, missing or endangered person in your neighborhood, etc. It’s activated at the Sheriff’s Office.

If you didn’t get the call on Tuesday morning, it means that you aren’t signed up for the service … and you should be.

You can go to the website of the Marion County Sheriff, and on the lower left side you’ll see a Code Red button, and you can click on the words “register now.” It will get you signed up for this valuable service.

If you don’t have computer access, you can go to the Storm Expo at the airport this Saturday, and there will be a way there to register.

You can sign up your home, business and/or cell phones to get the calls.

This is an invaluable free service that everyone should take advantage of. It will help you “handle the truth” when emergencies arise.