Choices for America 8-19-2011

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Letter to the editor by Paul Zeigler

Although golf is not my forte’ (being about an 84 scratch golfer), I love to see excellence wherever it appears (or do excellence, myself, when possible). After watching, and applauding Keegan Bradley win the PGA Championship, as a rookie, in a playoff, I watched 60 Minutes (which I usually don’t watch, since it’s usually a promoter of liberalism and associated underachievement).

This time, 60 Minutes was doing something terrible, I’m sure, in the eyes of liberals: They were exposing that U.S. government has the highest corporate tax rate in the world! (What happened to “Tax breaks for the rich,” hollered by the hoards of jealous underachievers? Where are these supposed “tax breaks” that jealous underachievers and numerous occupants of the moocher class, who hate excellence and applaud underachievement, claim that government thieves are not stealing?)
I speculate that all America needs is to reduce the number of moochers in the jealous moocher class, to become again, solvent.
So thanks, 60 Minutes for some rare honesty (among mainstream media), letting your puppetry know that’s all that’s needed for the reemergence of America, is for government to stop stealing so much (Highest corporate tax rate in the Entire World!).
And to think that liberals are still crying, “tax breaks for the rich.” Of course, these jealous fools will never stop that absurd cry, as they drool over what others can do that they not only cannot do, but are so pitiful, they don’t even try to do! Time for an end of pandering to the jealous moocher class. If they can’t put up, let them shut up!
Paul Zeigler